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Hey thought I’d intorduce myself in this post as well as post my build thread.

Fist of all I should say hp you doing a great job plenty of info to get through over next few weeks before I star the wiring corse.

So I have been working around cars all my life but fabrication is my main bread and butter. I started a business about 4 years ago with my best mate. However it went sour and lost a load of money time and a friendship. So we parted ways, and I had lost all interest in cars. Moved all my stuff into a lock up and forgot about it and just did other jobs and a fair bit of cad work which in turn has spawned another business. While we was starting out business we both had evos his 8 and my 9. Did plenty of work for various uk time attack teams but even that left my mouth a bit sour and stopped all ta work.

So my garage now I still have my Evo 9 and I bought a clio rs as bit of a toy. However slow progress lack of interest and general been to busy all car stuff taken a back burner.

But fear not, this year I have slowly been getting the passion back, and I’m going to start my build thread from here as I’m moving towards building a wiring harness over the winter nights.

Keep up the the good work everyone


G'day Tom. Sad story to read, I read a quote once which was 'The only ship guaranteed to sink, is a partner-ship'... While I don't completely agree with it, I would certainly think twice about getting into business with a friend of family... I've seen to go sour too many times. Great to hear you're getting the passion back though, and really look forward to see some pics and hearing about your project as it progresses :-).

Thanks Zac. Looking forward too some track time too.

So last couple of weeks I haven’t done anything physically as I’m extending my garage. But while weather handing been on my side, I am getting through wiring fundamentals course. Also decided on my Ecu.

Couple of reason I chose this Ecu, it will be enough for my level of build. I’m staying na and functions of the Ecu will be enough for my engine. I have a friend local to me who has done work for dta and knows these Ecus inside out so I have local support and another friend on the owners club runs one and recommended the s60 over the 40 for a few small reasons. One thing it Dosent have is knock detection so if I go to turbo engine it’s somthing I might need to address in time.

As i bought a wiring loom out of a race car (testing sessions only) I don’t need to build a body harness as that is more than enough of the clio so it’s just going to an efi harness for my first build. So over next few weeks I’m going to get the cage in, body loom all in place and fitted with a lithium battery.

Yeah, problem is that often friends don't take the time to get partnerships drawn up properly and if one isn't pulling their weight, or is plain dishonest, it is hard to get things sorted out afterwards.

Bad enough just doing work on friends' cars - all too often they they bitch and moan about paying, even when you are just wanting costs covered and not charging labour because they're friends.

Now, I just do family and even restrict that.