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Daily driver 400KW EVO6 (Australia)

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The goal. A daily driverable EVO6 that does 11secs on the quarter mile.

Last November I Started off with a decent condition shell and motor with about 206xxxkms, yikes haha.

Over Christmas I bought a cheap 2nd hand AYC pump and with a little elbow grease I have a working AYC pump for the first time :D.

Over January I looked on Gumtree and with some help from the team at Jetspeed, I found two fresh C-west bumpers.

In the past few weeks I Bought a new engine from an EVO 9 and swapped it for the old one.

The new one runs on an E85 flash tune of 175KWatw with a very lean AFR of 15.5, ouch!

But I have evoscan and with the help of some diagnostic tools and a reliable mechanic I hope to bring that down to about 9-10.

Watch this space.

Looks like a good base, will be watching this one with interest

Sounds an interesting project, building a daily into a higher performing machine, the compromise makes it more challenging.

A good friend of mine has an R32 Golf with a 3076 that makes around 520hp, he does low 11s with full interior etc.

It is an awesome car on the road too, still reasonable civilised but destroys most other stuff.

15:1 on E85... pushing 175wkw out of a 2 liter... and NOT destroying the engine??. Thats not physically possible.

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