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Hi HPA members!

Figured I'd put up my current build thread now that I'm officially a member of the community. Here it goes:

Car is a 2010 135i Automatic, with N54 engine.

I've done almost all the needed maintenance since purchasing the car at 76k from the original owner. With the exception of the injectors and HPFP.

I'm currently waiting on the JRZ RS1 Coilovers to arrive (450/700 spring rates). When they do, I'll be installing the M3 front control arms, SPL rear upper camber arms, Rogue Engineering rear toe arms, and Condor rear subframe bushings. While doing all that I may install a Wavetrac helical LSD.

Just finished putting on the painted Seibon carbon hood and trunk.

Car is sitting on Apex ARC-8 wheels; 18x8.5 +45, 18x9.5 +58 with Indy 500 tires.

I'm currently working on troubleshooting an issue with the Flex Fuel components, and will be looking through this forum for some information to help guide my testing.

Engine Modifications and Maintenance:

Pure Stage 1 Turbo - ceramic coated, 2’’


VRSF 2’’ Inlets

BMS Dual Cone Intakes

CSF Radiator


Berk Mid Pipes (custom flex pipes added)

ER Chargepipe + HKS BOV

Radium OCC w/drain valve

RB PCV upgrade @ 88k

N20 Sensor w/BMS Adapter

Fuel-It Stage 2 LPFP

Motiv Flex Fuel Full Kit

MHD Flash + Custom Wedge Tune

xHP Flashtool Stage 2 Transmission Tune

BFI Engine Mounts

RE Trans Mounts

BMS Cabin Filter Delete Filters

BMS Oil Filter Cap

New Turbo Oil Lines

New Turbo Coolant Lines

New Turbo bolts

New Clamps

New O2 Sensors (top pair)

New Oil Pan Gasket + Bolts

New Power Steering Reservoir + Fluid

New BMW Coolant

New Uprated Vacuum Lines

New BMW Valve Cover + Gasket + Bolts

New NGK 9557 Spark Plugs

New Eldor Coil Packs

New BMW Oil Filter Housing Gasket

New BMW Transmission Pan + Gasket + Bolts (LiquiMoly fluid LL-01 certified)

New Drive Belts + Tensioner

New Upper Radiator Hose

ECS Water Pump Hose

Replaced OEM Water Pump

Walnut Blasted Intake Valves

New Intake Manifold Gasket

Flex Fuel Sensor, on Flickr

Turbo Install on Flickr

Seibon Carbon Trunk on Flickr

Pure Turbo on Flickr

Pure Turbo wheel on Flickr

FMIC on Flickr

FMIC+ChargePipe + BOV on Flickr

Valve Cover DIY on Flickr

Downpipes + Engine Mounts on Flickr

Painted CF Trunk on Flickr

Nice modlist.

Any more pics on progress ?

Updated with some pictures!


nice to see more n54 here in hpa !

Recently put on M3 front control arms, Rogue Engineering rear toe arms, SPL rear upper camber arms, ground control end links.

But major improvements being made this week!!

Getting the following bits installed at a local BMW shop as we speak:

- JRZ RS1 Struts (with upgraded clevis rear mount)

- Swift Springs ; 450F / 700R (Not pictured, Hyperco's not being used)

- Ground Control Race Camber Plates

- Whiteline rear upper shock mounts

- Wavetrac Differential

- Stoptech Stainless Steel front and rear brake lines

- Burger Motorsport Transmission Cooler (automatic ZF6HP trans)

- Condor Speedshop Rear Subframe Bushings

- Corner balance + alignment

BMW 135 Drivetrain Suspension install by Z U, on Flickr

agreed, awesome to see more N54 cars.

nice build as well.

Nice work!

Great to see some BMW builds on here.

I just picked up a haul of parts for my E90 320i - it will be a slow migration to the track as it approaches road-retirement. Probably not that interesting for anyone here at the moment, but may be worth starting a little build thread to keep track of things over time.

Looking forward to the updates on your build.