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Ej20 main bearing clearance

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Hi every body, so im building my EJ (std bearing build using ACL race series) and im finding that my clearances are tite (dry dummy assembly). Do i just take abit off the ends of the bearing ? Crank measures up to spec, my clearances are anywhere from 0.0013-0.0018 (spec 0.0004-0.0012) Any wisdom would be awesome Thanks guys.

Hi Matt. Your clearances are not "tite" they are actually loose. If your crank is to spec than you probably have incorrect bearings for your build.

I have std bearings from ACL, They are stamped (STD). When i measure in the directions of the rods all 5 mains measure 0.0012 (spec) When i measure in an X about 3/4 away from where the case bolts together, thats where i get my measurements (as above) from. Iv measured all the main bore and they all measure with in a 10th of a thou. And no one wants to "help" me as its all secret squirrel stuff over here.

Just do what every other bastard does in Australia and send it as is. No point in trying to have it remidied as you wont find a shop capable of not butchering it. No one gives a fuck or has a clue on what to do with these engines.

Just had a line hone performed on my block and they forgot to do all the bolts up when they honed it. Should have just left it as is. And opted to run standard torque on the ARP bolts.

If you do happen to find a unicorn machine shop who can count to 10, and read instructions and knows thier way around a subaru. Please let me know, because I have not found one yet.

No worries mate, sounds like you've had a shit run, Rising sun Subaru knows his shit, did all my machine work, and iv found the problem with my bearings to so all is well now.

What did you find with the bearings?

From what I know bearings are not perfect cicles but as we call here in France Citrus shaped. So vertical clearance is the one to check. Lateral is slightly bigger so that it forms an hydrodynamic "oil pump" to build oil pressure between bearing and crank.

Bram, it turns out that the bearings where protruding out past the case half's...... and my brain lmao, i was reading the bore gauge wrong ( face palm ) i read way to much into it and over thought the process, so have new bearings on there way (due to reasons id rather not say) and should all go to plan "fingers crossed"

They do protrude out past the case halves and the rod bearings.

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