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EP82 Toyota Starlet

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This is my Toyota Starlet GT, which I've been mostly building, and sometimes driving for 5 years now!

Moving away from a previously installed piggy-back Greddy emanage Blue, I am currently installing a DTA S80 ECU. Of course, I figured it might be a good idea to re-wire the chassis as well, because who doesn't want to add further complication to a never before under taken task?!

A large part of the reason behind the shift to a stand alone ECU was it's ability to broadcast engine parameters via CAN-BUS, which would allow me to design my own colour display. Much like the ECU project, my display has taken me down a few different rabbit holes. I am now pretty handy inside Fusion 360, I bought a 3D printer, and a small CNC router, which I am now fairly proficient at operating, all of this born out of me wanting to fit an ECU to a car, ha!

I now have a button panel to complement my display, all scratch made using Otto P9 buttons and a Souriau AS connector.

The dash has a 3d printed ABS enclosure and carbon fiber face plate. Here's an early video explaining its functionality before I set off down the path of making it look like a real thing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPKq1yhbO6o.

My wife and I have just welcomed twin boys into the world, but hopefully I can sneak out to the workshop from time to time to really get the cars wiring finished and drive it in anger before the year is out.

I'll do my best to keep this thread updated with my progress.

Very Nice Tim! I have an ep91 which im very close to firing up on a Link Monsoon. Will get a build thread started one of these days.

Look forward to your updates


Brilliant stuff! I remember watching your youtube video late last year and being impressed with how responsive the display seemed. Many of the DIY ones I've seen suffer from a bit of lag, but yours looks snappy. The enclosure looks great too!

Good luck on the sneaking out to the workshop with twins! I barely get to with just the one, let alone two! Totally worth it though :-).

Good to see some old starlet names from the forums and what not on here! Always enjoyed following the build Tim.

That display is really quick, great to see another Starlet owner on here

Welcome Rob and congrats on the twins!

I too am into my old Toyota's, mine is a '94 MR2 Turbo. I also embarked on a complete chassis rewire, but in my case as part of my roll cage installation - go figure!

Very impressed with your display setup. I was going to run a display from my RaceCapture Pro using a RaspberryPi setup but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the displays so went with an AIM MXS setup instead. But I have to say yours looks excellent by comparison!

Found a website - http://omgpham.com/mx-5-build - where he's done loads of 3D printed parts for his MX5 build. Sooooo tempted to treat myself to a printer, they look incredibly useful! But I've just spent a ton of £ on crimp tools to get this harness done properly, so it will have to wait.

Tuned in for updates :-)

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