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First post here. Signed up for some courses. Keen to fill the brain with some knowledge.

i have two builds going. The first is a resurrection of a 180sx I raced in the past. Purchased back as a roller.

logbooked sports sedan, bit rough, but I had a lot of fun in the car in the past and needed a cheaper car to race (will make sense when u see other car)

plan started off to just throw another sr20 into it. But after looking into it, seeing what was about. Debating gearbox options, I decided to put a vq35de into it. The 350z box is a great budget gearbox also. And it keeps everything in the Nissan family

at first I was going to go NA but after some discussion with a mate who was going to help me with the build we decided let’s throw a turbo on it

this is meant to be a budget racecar, that I can do sport sedan events in, sprints and various events, maybe even wtac this year, even though I’ll get annihilated, but really just want to be in the event for fun. And that is the main thing. Fun.

plan is low boost, on a fairly stock engine, aiming for 300-350rwkw. Nothing exciting. But it’s about seat time and fun for this nugget

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The car was fairly clean when I purchased it originally about 6 years ago. Plan was to just do track days

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After one track day I decided to put a cage in and race it. The first race meeting was not great. I had no idea about turbo cars. Or tuning. I got dicked around. Tune was shit. Things broke. I sucked.

Thankfully I hooked up with some friends of my brother and bought a motor from a melb lad named. Vu, well think it was his, may have been one of the guys that works for him. Anyway we put this motor in, got a tune at Chasers. A now defunct shop. Apex Garage made new intercooler pipes etc. and everyone rallied to get me on track in a better shape.

Round 2 was way better, with a win in class and a 3rd row start

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Fast forward to following year and round 1 i was on a mission to win the class series. Had more power. And spent more money. In the end we had a fire

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I missed a round of the series after that and spent more Money. We did nearly a full rebuild of the car. we got it for 2 more rounds that year, with limited success. By the end of the year I had had enough of the car, and sold it in parts most to my brother. And started another build. A 350z with an LS 9but that’s another story)

fast forward to a few months ago, and the opportunity to buy the car back cheap as a roller came up. I also have a spaceframe sports sedan but 2019 didn’t go to plan (again another story on that)

so I bought it back with the aim to get it built as fast as I could and do it all myself with help my mate Nath Butler

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As it sat when I brought it home and the doner VQ from a drift pig 350z

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