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Evo 8 rocker arms failure

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Evo 8 , kelford 292 camshaft ( solid lifters ) stock rocker arms ( drag racing car )

What is the main cause for a rocker arm failure for this engine .

Keep breaking rocker arms ( on start it brakes one , on reving too , last one lost a valve and lost the engine )

I need your advice , go back to the stock hydraulic lifters ? Or do I need aftermarket solid lifters .

I have this to the head too Kiggly Racing HLA Oil Pressure Regulator Mitsubishi 4G63 Evolution

I know we have something wrong plz point me

Thank you in advance

How about cold clearances for solid lifters- that are they? What solid lifters do you use?


0.20 cold clearance .

Solid lifters I have no idea about the brand ( bought it with the old engine ) but does it make a difference and what brand you suggest I can buy if this solve my problem .

Also what rocker arm you suggest , running stock now .

Thank you

I have bought Tomei solid lifters for stock rockers - those have proven their quality over time. Cold clearances seem to be a little too much - 0.12 intake and 0.14 exhaust should be fine. I'm sure your problem is with lifters clearances - there is no other way to brake the stock rockers as they are very strong and capable of holding 1000+ hp.

I'll buy this tomi solid lifters and get the clearance to /.12 & .14

I put it 0.20 as the cam card specs .

Do you think I need this ? Kiggly Racing HLA Oil Pressure Regulator Mitsubishi 4G63 ,

Keep it or remove it ?

Thank you

I use Kiggly as well- no problems.

Thank you so much


I found that we are using the BLE solid lifters .

Plz can you send me the part number for this tomi solid lifters you use .

Also how often you check you valve lash . This is a drag racing car .

Thank you

Hi. It is 163039. But you might need some of shims to get you to the correct clearances which are checked before every racing event.


I am buying it with the shims set .

Do you recommend tomei spring valves too ? And which one works with my cam shaft kelford 292 solid lifters .

Thank you

Any springs that would overcome the boost pressure acting on the valve total area should be just fine. For instance my peak boost pressure is 3.2 Bar so i use GSC springs for 3 Bar boost.

Might be a bit of a wild card, but have you checked the clearance between the spring coils on full lift, some aftermarket springs (don't know about those specific ones) will specify re-machining the spring seat and/or use of specific spring retainers - if there is a coil bind problem (harmonics may actually close them up) then the forces could easily break a rocker.

If one failed, let alone several, I would suggest careful inspection and crack testing of the other rockers. You may even find some other evidence leading to the failures.

Yes, indeed- it is something i had taken as granted, the springs have to be checked in terms of intalled height. And rockers also need to be revised. I personally replace them for new stock OEM ones every time I reassamble the engine which is once in 4-5 thousand miles.


Too much information to be taken into consideration . So today I'll recheck the spring valves and let you know

Thank you so much


Too much information to be taken into consideration . So today I'll recheck the spring valves and let you know

Thank you so much

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