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I’m currently building my FG F6 into a bit of a weekend warrior. I sourced an atomic 698 BF engine at a price I couldn’t refuse so that’s going in to get things started. The engine was sent back to atomic after 15,000kms and the head has been redone to far better standard than usual 698 motor. It has porting by atomic TBRE stage 3 cams stainless valves and pac valve springs . I’m building an engine myself slightly higher specd but it’s on the back burner for now.

engine is in the car now mounts and driveshaft sorted with 2 speed glide I got from a Barra cortina that run low 8s so it’ll handle my engine no problems.

turbo is precision gen 2 7576 ball bearing

Haltech Barra ecu will be controlling things with flex fuel sensor and wideband O2

plasmaman plenum

nizpro intercooler (May need upgrading but it was in car so see how it goes)

Now with fuel system where I’m wanting some advice. Car has a wallbro 460 in tank setup I figured can stay there to prime surge tank I’ve installed a e85 filter in the factory location mid chassis and I’m running a surge tank on chassis rail with 2 wallbro 460s. I can upgrade my surge tank to 3 460s if need be

This will feed plasmaman fuel rail via 2x 6AN Lines less than a metre long at either end of the rail these lines both have 40 micron speedflow filters. Injectors are Siemens 2300cc then turbosmart FPR2000 reg is mounted on rail in the middle with a single 8AN return to surge tank

I have NBR fuel lines and fittings as cheap as shit of eBay mostly because I can’t stand working with ptfe lines. Is NBR going to handle the witches brew? I intend to run e85 near out and fill with 98 anytime car is sitting

if my fuel lines were to degrade from e85 will it destroy my injectors? The only things I’d be worried about to be honest as they are not cheap

so I’m asking should I try these lines n see if they cope? If the advice is don’t be an idiot you should never use that garbage. I was prepared for that

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That should be a wild ride when it's finished! So as far as fuel lines for E85 goes the general consensus is if you want the fuel system to be bullet proof then PTFE braid is the best choice. We've personally run the black braided rubber line that Speedflow sell on E85 and have had no issue but I know they don't recommend it. If you want a non-PTFE option then it might pay to consider Speedflow's 'Barricade' hose which is listed as ethanol compatible.