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Fast xfi Sportsmann ecu

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Hy, can evrywhere help me with fast xfi sportsman?

i am a Little confused with them, we have a Bbc 454, Stock Engine and they are Sitting a Weiand 170 small Compressor on it. we buy a fast xfi Sportsmann for Blown Applications. Now we have a Problem we have zwo throtlebodies wit 4 Injectors each Body. So we can only fit ohne of them on the small blower. Each throtlebody have 4 Injector 78 lbs ea. We can set in fuel Menu and Chose 4 injector for 8 cylinder. Now the Engine Runs really lean. We Must set Ve to over 140% at idle! Now we change Settings to 40 lbs injectors in fuel menu and See the Engine Runs pretty well with ve 50% at idle! Have anywhere an idea what we make wrong? Hope My englisch is Not to Bad!, thx Arthur

Post pictures of the engin bay and the main settings screen.

He’ll, thanks for answer, I am the moment on holiday, come back tomorrow and will send you the other picture!, thx Arthur

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