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Fd3s RX7

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I am building FD3s Engine with single turbo converted and swap it on to a BMW E30 Chassis..

Will Running it with haltech 1500 elite

I am still purchasing oil cooler kit, davies Ewp , radium fuel setup kit, and ID 1050 injector

Will be posted more soon

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nice project

Thanks ross.. any advice? Im going twin oil cooler.. ewp by davies, radium eng fuel setup with ID1050x injector for now

looking forward to see this completed

Turbo rotaries love fuel, if it has a half decent turbo you might find yourself reaching for more injector or auxiliary injection. I think it is a good engine for the chassis. I still think E30 is the nicest BMW I have been in.

Thanks slides. Will update soon when it runs. I still waiting for turblown oil cooler kit and water pump kit to be delivered

Im a bimmer guy also.. so it really makes me enjoy this

Rob Dahm would be proud.

sorry been busy and just able to share this


Nice work. Would feel pretty quick in that. You are looking at something in the order of 50% more power with a port and single turbo.

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