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Hi all bit of a rundown/update on a FPV F6 I been slowly building up for fair few years now

Taken a few years indeed actually but the cars finally got some street action made bit over 750kw threw the glide in a dyno cell that was 40 or more in that strayan summer. The 7675 precession is at the end of what we’ll get out of it as inlet temps got pretty high the Nizpro intercooler got upgraded to Jonny tigg item which helped but even then we can’t keep inlet temps under control if we add anymore than 28psi

So Far very happy with everything in the build besides blowing out on schedule and budget offcoarse 😂I will need to pull the sump off and revisit a windage tray though. I’m using one of the early atomic girdles and that made the windage tray get tossed in the bin but I’ll assume they found shortly after making it. Exactly what I’m only learning now and the oil appears it could be airrating in the top end. The Haltech is seeing oil pressure a little wavey. Rev limited the car at 7 until that’s addressed ultimately with that under control it should see 8-8500 max and a move to next size up precession.

But that is not before I address the traction I can’t put anything like the power it’s making to the ground due to 20 inch rims but I tried 305 Nankang semi slicks I can hook up at 21psi from 100 on with those on a really nice warm day if I catch it right. Car has brembo6/4 combo hence the 20s remains putting smaller brakes on it seems irresponsible I’ll be honest 😂

I’m going to have to return to a Pbr rear and 16 wheels with Mickey t et street tyres and some DSS axles. I do have a built 9 inch I keep looking at thinking perhaps it should find a home in there but Ill end up off the road for another 4 years no doubt.

I’m not sure if retaining the 6 pot fronts will throw the bias entirely to shit with PBR rear and coarse huge issues though. Any input there would be appreciated as I only know enough to be dangerous with engines and turbos etc I mulled my way threw and that worked out for the most part. Thanks to some help though and a lot of that was found here 👍. But now setting up the arse end for the monster power delivery from the power glide I’m clueless all over again and fear what I’ve done might have been the easy bit

yet to win a race but does great powerskids 😂👍

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