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Ford Duratec 2.0l

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Hello, my engine has going strong for about 3 years and now it need a rebuild .

First issue :

engine is pushing water and overheat during pulls,

I've done multiple pulls like that at 30 psi and the car still going strong, But how the hell the gasket do not melt instantly ?

If head gasket meet exhaust gases then it should melt right ? so why it don't ? (I am happy that it don't melt it but I want to understand.)

2nd issue:

A morning I started the engine then it was running only on 3 cylinder I pull off the injectors and 2 of them were completely clogged

I am running on E85 so how that can happen ? this is a port injection engine .

I remember 2/3 month ago the engine was smoking at cold maybe 4/5 mins, but it suddenly stopped now it do not smoke anymore at all .

Thanks in advance.

Have you disassembled the engine. You should be able to understand your observations once you can examine the rings, cylinder walls, and block / head surfaces.

The head gasket is a multi-layer metal gasket, only a small edge is exposed to combustion temps / pressures, and for a very short "duty cycle". It is designed to survive, although with high-boost, you might want to consider a copper o-ring gasket.

As for why injectors clog -- what size fuel filters are you using? You need to be using a 10 micron filter (and change it occasionally).

I will disassemble the engine soon.

Athena O'ring head gasket is in my plan for the rebuild

I am using a 10 micron filter but it might need replacement I am agree .

Sometime it is very simple fixing but I over-complicate it lol

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