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The truck is still at the chassis shop, while it’s out of the shop my intentions was to get all my tools back in order.

I also need to finish re-gearing a Ford 9” & install 1330 to 1350 U-joints in the driveshafts.

I enjoy helping people so long as I’m not steering them wrong. That was why I enjoyed being on the forums. Answered all the redundant questions to keep the professional engine builders on to share their insight into deeper engine theories. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone ask, “Are the lifters supposed to be offset of the cam lobes?”

Here is a link to my very first budget build on the 460ford forum.

A lot of folks usually don’t have a bunch of money to build a complete engine at one time. Plus it’s typically their daily driver, so it can’t be down for very long. (Keep in mind, I was younger back then if you start searching all my post.)

Yup, a lot of the time all we can afford is to do the vehicle up as we go, especially when we're youngsters. Nowadays I strongly recommend folks pick up another engine and start their build with that, starting with a sound short block and going from there - been caught too many times running into problems, back in the day, and having the hassles of figuring out alternative transport.

Oh, that style of truck is actually one of my favourites.

Looks like a beast.

Will follow your progress along.

Images are possible in threads like so.

Just need to put the link to the image into image tags. See below how I have the tags on either end.

Sorry, I've been away. Occasionally things pop up and I have to focus on something else. Been cleaning / re-organizing the shop, nephew had a baby and helping them out.

The truck is still at the chassis shop so I'm kinda at a stand still for now. I am attempting to educate myself on my options for crank sensor and cam plug for the BBF.

The Engine Builder / Machine Shop contacted me and offered up the dyno again. The engine hasn't been run for a while and he wants to look at some possible updates and let me play with the HalTech VMS while it's on the dyno. Makes it easier to get a base ignition map as you know!

Here is a bad video of the last time the engine was on the dyno.

BBF on Dyno

A little peak under the covers

Had to change the Oil pan to fit into this model truck. This is a picture of me checking oil pick-up clearance.

I have started playing with the Haltech software and pleasantly surprised that it makes sense to me. Which I am accustom to learning new software as I have been a Machinist, Steel Detailer, BIM modeler, GPS Surveying Technician and Construction Estimator through out my life. There is always new software to learn. I was having some locals trying to inform me that I wouldn't be able to learn the software and should pay someone else.

I can tell the most important part is writing down all sensors and their specifications. You must understand what information you want from the sensors otherwise I can see where someone would find any ECU a daunting task.

Right now I must figure out how the Haltech software uses the Cam sync and Crank sensor. Especially since I am using a single point cam sensor and 4 point flying magnets.