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I'm always the first in the welcome wagon to say to everyone to get a build thread up, it's only fair I start one for myself. Apologies for the lengthy post.

I run a tuning shop of my own dealing in alot of Nissan', Ford' and everything in between so choosing a project car for myself was a tough one. I've owned a fair few high performance cars and deal with them every day so fancied something different and most of all fun.

Step in the Glanza V, a small 1300cc turbo'd from factory hatch back. They were never released here in the UK and imports are going up in value so when a clean rolling shell came up for £400 I was on my way home with it the same day it was posted up.

One of my suppliers at the same time decided to develop a plug and play standalone for the Starlet / Glanza and I had already collected parts to make an adapter loom to allow me to fit a Link wire in ECU, I've also fitted a Link KnockLink.

With the car as fully stock as possible, only a cat-back exhaust fitted it was onto the dyno to see what this powerhouse was truly pushing out. It has a factory high and low boost setting hitting 85 bhp with 85 lbft on low and 101 bhp with 121 lbft on high (at the hubs, Dynapack).

Now to start messing, as both the ME221 and Link Monsoon are set up to utilise as much of the factory car as possible all that was needed to increase the power was to switch out the OE 2 port boost solenoid with a 3 port, a little bit of plumbing and back on the dyno. This time with 0.85 bar of boost it managed 125 bhp and 150 lbft at the hubs, gains of 40 bhp and 65 lbft overall. It was noticed the boost was dropping off at the top end and the OE actuator was tested and found to start opening at 2 psi (0.14 bar) nowhere near strong enough to sustain increased boost levels, so an HKS replacement was sourced, fitted and during testing shown us the clutches limitation (approx 150 lbft of torque at 2500 rpm).

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Nice one Chris! Glad to see a Glanza thread on here! What plans do you have for the car? Im must get round to starting a build thread for my Glanza on here. Link Monsoon going on mine soon


Thanks Dan,

It'll be a different car once the Monsoon goes in.

I'm just planning on working my way through the typical basic mods just now, currently installing a quaife lsd into a spare box so when I'm doing the clutch I can swap that in too.

After the summer is by I'll be buying a bigger turbo, getting a local lad to make up a manifold/downpipe and a jig and push the stock block to the limit. At the same time I'll be building up a spare engine, full works to allow some man boosting for next summer.

What plans have you got for yours?

That looks like a hall of a fun car Chris. A girl i used to go out with (this was a very, very long time ago....) had a turbo starlet, and I loved thrashing that car around, it really was a bloody go-kart. I remember the torque steer being pretty epic, but I suspect that car was pretty worn out...

LSD, bigger turbo, and exhaust work? Hell's yes, let's see what it takes to get the rods to exit the block? :-).

Mine has had a fair bit of headwork, forged bottom end with lightened balance and knife edge crank. Compression ratio just above stock at 8.3:1. My own custom made turbo kit with a kinugawa Td04/billet 20g externally gated. Loads more to list! Road mapped it on power fc with datalogit but wanted a more modern ecu to compliment the rest of the work ive done.

future plans:

Fit the Monsoon with Link can Lambda, boost by gear and throttle position hopefully.

Big brake kit

Build a roll cage

These little cars are massively underestimated. With just a set of forged rods and pistons these little 4EFTE's can take alot of abuse.

looking forward to seeing yours progress!

Kaaz LSD in mine, transforms the handling. Can be a bit of a nightmare without an LSD once you start running more power.

If you're wanting a stock style header plug to make a plug and play kit for your's give me a shout as I've bought a stock in, had to buy in bulk from the US as no-where in the UK has them.

Throttle position I'll hopefully have a solution by the end of today, if work goes to plan.

I should have the clutch and LSD box fitted by the end of the week, basically trying to get a push on to get it MOT tested and taxed at the start of April


what did you think of the ME and why are you changing from it , we have alot of stuff developed for the 4e , give me a shout if you want the throttle switch , we do an exchange throttle pot , but its all factory toyota parts

Hi Grunt,

I bought it as it was a new product for the Glanza's and no one had brought out a plug-in ECU which was actually tuneable. My preference is the Link ECU, one of the features I didn't like in the ME ECU was the self-calibrating trigger, it caused starting issues on the Glanza, their cure was to modify the dizzy, with the Link I could programme the trigger voltages and never had a single starting issue.

My last post was here was two years ago, I've since been using a vTPS kit that I was trying out and had great success with it.

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