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Honda Civic turbo-track build

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So I'll try and keep this short and on topic of tuning/engines.

I bought the car as a standard b16b(n/a) engined car with the plan to turbocharge the stock engine.

This worked fine until a mishap with a t-piece melting shut between laps of the Nurburgring, this lead to zero boost control the next time I hit the throttle so you can imagine what happened next....

So the rebuild began, I'd never rebuilt and engine before so massive learning experience, had a few hiccups with oil pumps. Basically I wasn't being clean enough with the build process.

Got there eventually and the current forged build has been running 2500miles and a good few track days without fault.

Basic specs of the engine


B18c crankshaft

Manley rods and Wiseco pistons

9.96-1 cr

Standard b18c head

T3/T04e turbo on a cast manifold and 2.5" exhaust system

When I had this tuned it made 350@1bar of boost.

So ran like that until recently I found the bearings in my current turbo are past their best, cue upgrade!

New manifold, gtx2867r and 3" exhaust going on with new engine management(hondata s300 v3)

So this is what brings me here, tuning this setup on the s300 then eventually on to tune others.

A couple on track shots

So that's where the cars at ATM, it's away having a cage welded in and the 3" exhaust fabbed up. Then it's tune time!

Sounds like a lot of fun on track.

Just curious, how did you choose your CR, ~10:1 seems quite high :)

Yeah it's standard practice in the Honda scene to run that high on a turbo motor. Unless your aiming for massive figures.

I wanted to keep decent drivability off boost and for my power goals 10-1 is fine.

The stock b16b I ran is 10.8-1cr.

For sure, having decent off-boost response and fuel economy is always nice, should help with spool too.

Since E85 is non-existent in the UK, I guess you will be using 98 pump fuel?

Yes just normal pump fuel.

I'll experiment abit but Shell Vpower is where I'll start.

Nice built and nice car . But I am surprised you aren't using a block guard or sleeves . Also I am curious why you didn't use the B16B head ?

When I built the engine I was only expecting to run around 350-400hp.

The cost and finding someone over here that's reliable enough to either sleeve or fit a block guard are the two main reasons I didn't bother.

The b16b head had a lot of swarf and crap in it from the piston failure so I opted to use a b18c head.

Little known fact that the uk spec dc2s and 98spec JDM dc2s have the same head as a b16b(3degrees more duration on intake cam over 96spec b18c) so in effect I've lost nothing.

Do they also have the same valve angle ? Cause the B18C and the B16A have the same but the B16B has a better chamber in general , hence my question .

As a Honda enthusiast , if you do not mind me asking , what also have you done ?

As far as I'm aware they are the same.

I'll make a list of parts etc on the car when I get home from work.

So this is the spec list I sent the insurance company last year, I've been updating it as parts have been added.

Note manifold, turbo and exhaust are being replaced this week and a 6point msa spec cage has just been welded in.


Civic Type R(EK9) Turbo


B16b block bored/stroked to 1817cc

B18cr crankshaft from Integra Type R

Manley forged connecting rods

Wiseco forged pistons 9.96-1cr

Honda headgasket

B18c4 flywheel

RPC stage 3 clutch

Walbro 255LPH fuel pump

Standard b18c cylinder head

Hondata 4bar map sensor

Injector dynamics 725cc injectors

Apexi avcr electronic boost controller

Go-autoworks street turbo kit with turbonetics t3/t04e turbo and intake filter kit add ons.

Tial MVS wastegate and Tial dump valve

2.5" stainless steel exhaust system(turbo back)

Front mount intercooler

Heat taped boost piping and intake piping.

Breather ports in block and cam cover to single oil catch can

Chipped p28 honda ecu

25row Mocal oil cooler

Tegiwa DC2 aluminium radiator

3 power levels

260hp @ 0.4bar

310hp @ 0.7bar

350hp @ 1.0bar


Cusco zero 2 Coilovers

Hardrace front camber arms

Hardrace roll centre adjusters

D2 rear camber arms

Wedsport tc05 track wheels

Dunlop direzza dz03g semi slicks

S80 gearbox from 98spec Integra Type R

Kazz 1.5way Limited Slip Differential(Plate type)

Carbon lorraine rc6 brake pads front

Hawk DTC-60 rear

Brake master cylinder brace

Aircon, ABS and Power steering removed

Tilton brake proportioning valve fitted with new hardlines throughout

Rebushed suspension arms half poly half hardrace rubber


Varis carbon-fibre bonnet(colour coded to match the car)

ProCarInnovations side skirts and rear diffuser

Chargespeed replica front lip/splitter


Pair of Recaro SPG bucket seats(FIA approved but out of date)

4 Point harnesses(FIA approved)

OMP WRC steering wheel mounted on HKB boss

AEM wideband AFR gauge

SAGA oil temp gauge

Stack oil pressure and water temp

Majority of interior stripped out

Nice and interesting built .

Have you also changed the final drive to a 4.4 , or kept it stock 4.7 Type R spec ?

The standard gearbox in these is an s4c LSD which has the same ratios as the 4.4 s80. I've got the 4.7s80 from 98spec dc2 in this ATM.

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