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just ran a 11.5 @ 134mph last night, with a 2.34 60 peddling it with no setup. really had alot of issues getting the launch control sorted. Not as easy as i thought! I reckon it shoudl run a 10 with a few more outings and get the car setup and launch control sorted properly.

the car is manual, running an NPC and some M/T ET radials 235/60

Thanks to HPA, I've retuned my car myself, and now run 9MPH faster trap speed.!

Awesome dude! You can now get to the shops a bit faster haha.

When is the next outing planned for?

Not sure yet Taz, hopefully i get some time within the next few months, but im so busy with work It might not be possible. I hopefully will get time to at least get the launch control sorted on the street prior to the next outing so its just a case of fine tuning it on the sticky surface.

I am concerned however, that the valve springs are not up to the task to handle the antilag,because i think i did witness some pump up of the lifters.

Nice build Dale, I am a DIY person as well, there is always a good feeling when you know all your hard work and long hours pays off.

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