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Hi all,

This is my 2003 Lotus. It's a elise under the skin, an early 'rover' car but re-bodied with a later exige set of clams.

The fun bit though is a K20A2 (UKDM 2004 Civic Type R) engine, with a jackson blower and chargercooler, JDM cams, custom 4-1 exhaust, honda box with Kaaz LSD, all fired by a Hondata ECU and under the eye of a RaceTech Dash2Pro. Rocking 330hp @hubs, to push along 808KG with 2/3 tank.


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Congrats man nice car, should be very fun to drive... How much boost are you running? those engine fly with only 10psi!

Thanks! It runs about 9psi to make [email protected]

I'd like to put a more modern and larger blower on it, drop the CR a point and see what it can make.