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I finally got hold of an L67, or what has been sold as an L67, and can start the work to convert my plain Jane VS (Commodore) wagon to a street sleeper.

The engine come with a VS LIM (I was really pleased with this), a VT PCM with a memcal in it (don't know what it is yet though), an ebay special VT XU6 memcal, a wiring loom (I think it is VT but not sure just yet). It has apparently been "rebuilt" but I received it in various pieces, the Eaton was separate to the motor. It is basically a long block. The Eaton is a little clunky but the previous owner gave me a MACE rebuild kit for it. He also gave me a VT flywheel that he said was for a Getrag not a T5, and an aftermarket pulley that he said was for 10PSI.

The heads have been cleaned up but I'm going to pull them apart and make sure they are ok. I am thinking of putting in some K-line valve guide liners if it hasn't got them already. It has apparently got 1.92 rockers but after a quick look I'm not sure that's quite true. I'll do some research and see if there are identifying features that can confirm what they are.

Over the coming weeks and months I'm going to slowly rebuild it. Starting with the Eaton I'll rebuild it, and maybe port it and the LIM to ZZP/MACE specs. Apart from that it is my intent to build the engine to stock specs but with aftermarket parts where appropriate so that in the future I can get more performance out of it without having to pull it right down again. I will post as the work progresses.

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