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M157 DI , what ecu ?

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Hello i have incoming project with m157 engine ..

Its an engine from G63 AMG model

It came with Piezzo injectors

Which is seems no one like those..

Should i alter and change to port ?

Or is there any ecu that is capable to handle this engine

Any advice are most welcome


MoTeC M141 will control the Piezzo injectors.

are you sure?

because motec itself says did not have the injector data

Not having the injector data for that specific engine does not mean that the engine cannot be run by the M141, it just means that work is needed to be done by the MoTeC dealer to ensure that their customer is correctly supported.

The Piezo injectors need to be characterised on the stock ECU to ensure that they are driven correctly by the M1, failing to do this can easily result in the injectors being damaged and needing to be replaced. Even on engines that have been done previously, this is a check that is recommended to be performed to ensure safety of the injectors.

U have tune one ?

dean, do you guys still working on my gt86 plug in problem or not ?

nathan has not answer my email for so long

Any update on this motec?

Stephen.. are the m1 capable to handle this engine ?

I can see no reason why the M1 cannot run this engine.

However, we have not done any development work on this engine, this means that a standard engine would need to be found that is running on the factory, unmodified ECU, and a lot of reverse engineering needs to be done of the HPFP and Injector control strategies to be able to replicate the control functionality of the OEM ECU in the M1. The way that DI injectors, especially piezo versions, work is very different to a normal port injector. If these settings are incorrect, you will very quickly damage the injectors and fuel pump, most DI injectors are more than $500 each, and usually are only sold in matched sets, so if you kill one injector in a V8, you have to replace all of the injector in the engine so that you have a matched set.

This sort of development work is usually only done by a limited number of our dealers, who have the knowledge and hardware to be able to do the work and an existing client base that is willing to fund the development, or by MoTeC if we recognise that there is a market for that vehicle, such as the Toyota Yaris GR. I cannot see a business case being made that would justify MoTeC developing a Package for this engine.

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