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MK2 Escort Ecoboost

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Hi all , this is a bit of a special little car , we got involved a while back with a lot of finishing work ,brakes , brake lines , custom exhaust fuel lines and ultimately a Link G4+ GDI ecu and wiring , the ecoboost is a popular engine in the UK but there are few options for management so as a Link dealer the GDI was the obvious choice.

The tech boys in NZ are brilliant but they have never seen the engine so until i get it running or nearly running there is little they can do . I have got the wiring nearly to the point of cranking to check signals prior to enabling the fuel and ignition in readiness hopefully of some noise from the motor.

It has been a massive learning curve getting to where it is now as none of the previous link installs i have done have used E throttle or internal Lambda , or any of the GDI specific features. I am very pleased to say that every feature i have done has worked perfectly with a bit of guidance from Simon , setting up the e throttle was the biggest triumph it works spot on in set up mode . Once it is running there is a lot of dyno time ahead to get it right .

A little bit about the car , it is a 4 door MK2 Ford Escort built with the sole intention of drifting , it is dry sumped with lightweight flywheel and twin plate clutch custom front tubular cross member and fully adjustable TCA,s and comp struts, top mounts et all. Gearbox is a straight cut close ratio Quaife unit , rear axel is a Quaife torsional diff in an English casing , the motor is a salvage unit with approx 20k on it and completely stock internals , HP pump and injectors , it has a hybrid Garret turbo with tubular manifold adapted from a front wheel drive car , it looks great and fits a treat. The owner is not looking for massive power just yet .The owner has built the car from scratch himself and done all the paintwork which is very nice.

I will post up pics and vids asap to keep this going.

Cheeers Keith

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That sounds a phenomenal build Keith, any pictures?

Which Ecoboost engine is it you've went for?

Hi Chris , its the 1.6 from the Fiesta 180 bhp , they are getting well over 300 from a flash tune ,looking forward to seeing what we can do on a quality ECU

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That'll be really good to see going, keep us up to speed on developments

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