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Hi all,here is some resume on my 20b rx-7 restoration of which im building over the last 8 years and still going.

Some History on the car:

The car when it came from the factory started as a Red Mazda rx-7 and was later modified by its owner in the time.

It was fitted with a genuine Re-Amemiya bodykit and changed its color to White.

After its time in Japan it was imported to the UK.

Here it was given another color change and some engine and exterior mods.

From the UK it was imported to the Netherlands.

Now this is where my story Begins.

One day i was finding myself behind my desktop looking at youtube where i came across this video.


I was blown away by its parade and was determined to find out what made this car tick.

Soon i was learning the car had a nickname which was 1BAD20B,

I found out more information on the build of this car and decided that whaterver it was going to take!

I was going to have me an engine like that!

I was fortune enough to find myself a guy that had 2 frontclips of a eunos cosmo with the 20B engine in it for sale!

In my own country for pete's sake!

So there i knew.....

Thank you Jesus...

Arrived at home the proces of tearing it down had begun.

And out she is.

Nexst: i needed a car to put it in to.

Now as a honda enthusiast ''the original plan'' was to build the engine in a 1992 civic.

And make it a FWD by the use of an

Honda K20a2 Transmission.

So i bought a second Honda...

Tearing this down aswell

Bought the transmission.

Now after fitting the engine in the compartiment it was about 10cm to tall for it fit with civic eg k20swap mounts.

Now this could be compensated with a drysump front cover.

But at the time time i wasn't aware nor skilled enough to tackle this problem.

So changes had to be made to make the dream continue.

I needed to find me a FD3s Shell...

and again....

There it was...

The car had no engine in it so right away i could start work on the body.

A rotiserrie was made so it was easier to work on the car.

And up she go.

After removing the skirt i found the panel was damaged.

With a paint heatergun and a spatula i scrape myself a way to find out what condition the base was in.

As i got down to the bare metal al sorts of surprises came to light

Some dents in the roof

Now to replace the damaged bodyparts and get the parts bodyparts that where missing i drove my slow honda to france and jumped on the boat to the UK.

Land ahoy

Then i went off to London to meet this guy... Omar, the owner of Rx-spares.

After some english thea and some biscuits we went to work on a donor car.

We cut out the window and side panel and took off a bunch of other parts for me to take back home.

Arrived back home i replaced the damaged pieces in the car and sended it off for sandblasting.

Before sandblasting they put the car in a oven to strip it from anything basically.

And left over was a bare metal shell.

Which made all my previous work unnecessery -.-

When i came back to pick it up it was sprayed in epoxyprimer to prevent it from rusting.

Back home,

Welded in a chromoly roll cage.

Fitted some wide overfenders.

There is yet so mutch left to upload so i leave it with this for today.

Stay tuned for more!

Oh yes indeed, I like where this is going!

That's great work mate! I definitely want to see more!

That's some impressive work, standing by for the next installment

This is a great thread! Thanks for sharing it!

Solid effort

Great stuff, I love Batmobiles! I hope to get one some day. At the moment I only have a little EF3 Civic that sounds like a bridge port at idle. Still puts a smile on my face every time.

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