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MX5 NC Turbo - Heat management

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I'm sat on the fence to wrap my downpipe. I can read pros and cons from different sources on the web so was hopping to get a point of view in this community.

My build is a Mazda MX5 NC 2.0 with a Garrett GTX2860RS top mounted, running at 10PSI, altogether producing 300BHP on ron 99. The heat management really is the culprit of the build so I'm trying to improve it as I can. The kit is only provided with a carbon "hat" surrounding the turbo.

I've already upgraded radiator, and DYI ducting. Added 19 rows oil cooler, using 5w40 fully synthetic oil.

The real struggle is on tracks with long straight and long WOT (1km long) that is cooking everything around the turbo, even the existing silicon protection on the coolant pipe visible on pictures.

I've purchased a turbo blanket (fitting ongoing but I'm not sure the size is right, I will add pictures later on this point) and heat sleeves for oil feed and drain (considering buying more for coolant hard lines as well).I will also add heat tape on valve cover and intake piping. If you have any other tips, feel free to chip in :)

But my real struggle for now is to decide if I should wrap the downpipe whilst I'm at it. The car is a weekend car and 4-5 trackdays a year. Leaving in UK / North France humidity in the air is real although I don't drive it much in winter. I'm worried about rust / cracks reported by people who have gone ahead with a wrap in different applications.

Is there any considerations / product to apply to the downpipe that would help with rust prevention or else I should consider ?

Thank you for your time and advices in advance.

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Hello, have you considered ceramic coating? like this


we have had great results from using this product with or without wraping

Regards Ross

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