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My Ford Fiesta MK6, "Bastard", 2.8 24v VR6T, 4wd "Rallycross Style"

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Starting a build tread for my car project.

The plan for now is:

- Ford Fiesta MK6 (2003)

- BMW E60 535xi front and rear subframes/diffs.

- BMW Z4 steering rack.

- BMW F10 550xi ATC350 transfer box, DIY controller

- BMW 530xd gearbox.

- VW 2.8 24v (BDE) VR6 motor, turbo, mild antilag. DBW.

Build is going to be rallycross style, with öhlins or proflex suspension.

Full widebody GRP kit.

Preliminary photos of a friends car with same bodykit/style. I will add big rallycross rear wing.

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A lot of work and creation there, enjoy the build ! look promising and fun .

Alot of the collected parts.

Still waiting for the front subframe and driveshafts.

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This is going to be awesome man!

Impressive setup.


Still collecting parts, and trying to finish other smaller projects.

Built a magnetic whiteboard over my workbench, where I can build my, and almost all my friends, harnesses. Still developing this.

Also started the engineering of the standalone controller for the xdrive clutch in the transfer box.

A set of 4way Intrax coilover shocks is in the house.

An EcuMaster ADU 7 and a CAN switchboard is also in the house.

Got a delivery today, some clamps from a car-jig to build a sturdy trolley/frame to fit my car to, when the entire floor/tunnel/firewall/bulkhead is being cut out, to fit the BMW drivetrain.

Firewall is being moved 200mm backward, as this is maximum of what the rules allow, when swapping from transverse to longitudinal engine setup.

Ps: still haven't figured out how to embed the photos, other than just attaching them.

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Thanks for sharing, always great to see projects like this.

please keep this thread up to date when ever you can.


For pics. Host them online ( I use this free service ) https://imgbb.com/

Once you have an account and upload a picture then it will give you a bbc link code. I use medium for a reasonable size.

Here is an example. Your image above has this linked address.


If it is in image tags like this it is then displayed

Build looks very complex and awesome.


nice project , any chance of talking you out of your engine choice , such a poor heat transfer rate , especially when turboed

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