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My LS VY Commodore Build

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Hey from Australia!! This is my Holden VY Commodore build. Its been very extensive so far, attempted things some say i was crazy for when you could buy another thats already got that particular thing, but i grow attached and once i start, there is no stopping!!

Here are some details:

- 2002 Holden VY SV8 (cheap SS)

- 185,000 Kilometres

- 5.7L LS1 V8 (240kw Standard)

- Has Been Both Auto/Manual

- Sting Red

Performance Mods:

- Made 171rwkw On Stock Dyno Run

- Currently Makes 240rwkw (335rwhp or so)

- Custom Maffless Dyno Tune

- 3.9:1 Genuine Brand New LSD

- Pacemaker Tuned Length Extractors

- Twin Sterling Hi Flow Cats

- Full 3" X Force Mild Steel System (Sounds Insane)

- NPC Ceramic Button Clutch

- Billet Single Mass Flywheel

- Currently T56 6spd Manual

- Was Previously a Fully Built 4L60e Auto

- Blew It Up Twice at $3000ea, Cut My Losses

Cosmetic Modifications:

- Versus Enduro 20" Wheels

- Lowered on SL Springs F&R

- Full SS Bodykit, Spoiler & Badges

- DRL LED Strip Headlights

- Red VY SS Leather Seats

- Red VE SS Floor Mats

- HSV Gauge Pod

- 4 Colour Change Gauges

- Volts, Vacuum, Water Temp, AFRs

- Red VY SS Speedo Cluster

- Silver SS Trims & Pieces Throughout

- Colour Coded Split Engine Covers

I have manual converted this with just one mate whilst i suffered from kidney failure. It didnt have power windows so i fitted them myself and made my own custom wiring loom for them because my interior body loom wasnt a mid or high level spec so there was no plug and play option like most of them had. Used over 15 metres of 50A wire, and had never done that kind of thing before. The car was 100% stock when i got it. No fancy interior, wheels, absolutely nothing. Ive spent about 10 grand so far and its been AMAZING. Apart from the auto it has never once broken down and gets driven extremely hard, however also looked after amazingly. Serviced every 5000kms with top products, washed and checked over weekly. Gets 850kms to the tank on the highway, and 450-500 around town. Ive had it down to 8.6L Per 100kms on the highway @ 100kph with 3 people in the car

Near future mods are single GTX45 turbo kit, VCM camshaft kit and supporting mods. Im also changing its look and going with a genuine VZ Clubsport bodykit, rip all the badges off minus the KW reading one, and going with some gold MC Racing 5 spokes, or Simmons for those who arent in Australia. Hoping to achieve 750hp when finished and still daily it. Probably missed heaps but yeah, thanks for reading. Will upload more photos later when im not on my phone

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That's a fair amount of work and it looks like it's paid off, how come the auto boxes kept blowing?

The 4L60e (4 speed electronic kick down) or T700 as they are also known just have a really bad reputation unless the tune is really 100% spot on. On my first go i burnt out the 3/4 clutch pack and then snapped the 1st/2nd band so lost everything except first haha. Dropped 3k on it, strong carbonite band, high friction thinner performance clutches, full recon and it lasted all of 30,000kms and let go again. This was under only a stockish engine too so i just didnt waste my time trying again. I kept them on the factory tune mind you as i ran out of money. But a nice 4000rpm stall converter was the same price as a 6 speed box anyway

Did the photo work by the way? It only lets me do one on my phone and i couldnt view it

Yeah the picture worked fine.

What was wrong with your tune?

Sorry forgot to clarify i meant the auto tune not the engine tune, so shift points and line pressures werent accurate and it did damage

That makes more sense. What were you using to tune the auto box?

That makes more sense. What were you using to tune the auto box?

Just to clarify the T700 and 4L60e are not the same transmission. The T700 is controled by a TV valve cable, while the 4L60e is totally electronic and is controlled by the PCM. The early T700s, not in Australia bu the American builds, were very weak and broke/wore out quickly if they had a decent engine in front of them. The 4L60e does need to be tuned properly otherwise they burn out quickly.

Oh ok i thought they were the same. And Chris i didnt tune it, but it was HP Tuners software

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