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my MKIV Supra build payoff 1149whp/1105wtq

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Hey everyone,

I have a massive build thread over on but I wanted to share my results from Saturdays tuning session with all of you here since HPA has been a large part of my success.

The entire purpose of this engine setup was to be able to make over 1000whp without having to give up mid range torque and great drivability. This car has never been so easy to drive (once you figure the clutch out lol) and I think it has enough turbo left to get over the 1200whp mark. The high power pull required 2 grown men sitting in the back of the car and it still spun for a moment at peak torque!!

Here is the combination

3.4L 10:1 2JZGTE VVTi

MoTeC M150 ecu

BC 276/276 cams

HeadGames raceport cylinder head with supertech stock size valves

HyperTune intake with 12 ID1050x injectors

Precision 7675 Gen2 turbo (H Cover)

That covers the major stuff.

I was able to make 1149whp and 1005wtq at 38-39psi of boost.

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Congrats Bob! That very impressive!