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New ITB development to control air velocity over a wider range of rpm

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So as the title says we have a patent for a new ITB that enables the operator to move the peak pressure at the intake valve so it hits before the intake valve closes on a NA engine. Research papers available on the net have shown that is possible with the older NA F1 engine to reach 1.6 bar pressure at the back of the valve at closing. What till this point no one has shown is the ability to control that pressure timing out side of a small window. What we are experiment with is a ITB that controls velocity. The plan fact is that everyone talks about harmonics with a intake when in fact the reality is the amount of air going into a engine during the charge cycle is all the do with velocity. I fully appreciate that the vast majority of people will suggest I need to see a head doctor which is cool but my R&D can back it up.

Okay so why is my intake different, well we have two pipes a outer cone (like a ice cream cone) and a inner reversed cone that raises as the throttle opens, as it lifts up the distance or gap between the two pipes increases which increase the flow, change flow at a given rpm and you have changed velocity. Given I don't want to bore people or end up double posting (I am post the data on a different web site). I will just post a couple of bits to help people understand what I am trying to do. I am using a Link G4+ Thunder and learnt to tune from this forum. For the guys that have experience tuning you will be able to make sense of the screen shoot below.

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do you have photos of this new itb design installed on the car/engine your testing it on?

looks pretty neat, I get it. just hard to package in most engine bays.

So that looks to me like the engine makes almost the same amount of torque at each RPM, regardless of throttle position. If that's true, then it's not much of a throttle control if you can't affect the torque with throttle position. I imagine that would be hard to drive.

Very interesting. I have seen a few cone type throttle bodies used in FSAE/Formula student, nothing using it in the runners to control air speed. Where else are you posting about it? Interested in reading up a bit more about it. What application are planing to use this in?

Hi Guys sorry for the delay response I was at the race track yesterday,

Hi Matt,

These are not for a commerical use the design is to study the relationship of air velocity, rpm and maximum diameter in relation to its effect of VE.

Hi David,

You are correct we do get the same torque at different rpm's have you seen that is the goal. We are sorting the ability to idle out with the design but right now its all about full throttle VE with a goal to get over 100% through the majority of the rev range that we want to use. I also that the design will make variable height cams a thing of the past because we control the pressure wave timing.

Hi Shane,

You have to register as its a closed web site but I am posting most of my R&D here,


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