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Hi All,

Thought I'd start a bit of a build thread on the Racecar.

I've been tinkering with Hondas for a few years so I was pretty comfortable with most mechanical jobs and basic diagnostics, but I have zero exposure to Nissan. Absolutely in the dark with them. So it was a great idea to jump into my first full racecar build with this!

It's a 1993 non-GTi shell.

Full FIA spec cage, seat & harness.

BC Racing Coilovers.

Front strut brace.

GTi-R Front brake setup, on EBC Yellow Pads.

The running gear was transplanted from a 1995 N14 GTi, which is the SR20DE non-vvti (143).

Mechanically it's standard apart from a cold air feed, aftermarket exhaust manifold, into a straight 70mm center section, to a DTM style muffler.

Fuel pump has been upgraded to a 255lph walbro unit. Everything else downstream in the fuel system is standard.

Engine management is the responsibility of the factory ECU, but i've wired up a V1.0 Apexi Neo for additional fuel control. Quite a crude setup for today's standard but it's something.

Future plans are as follows:

Swapping to the S13/14 SR20DET rail and injectors as a factory upgrade. AFAIK it's a straight swap as they're both a side feed setup.

AEM AFR Gauge. I plan to use this as reference while steady state tuning with the Neo when I get out on track.

When funds allow, EMU/ADU combo to get some real tuning done and log some data.

Pics attached.

For those wondering, the livery is a replica of the 1997 BTCC RML Primera.

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