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Nissan VQ30 build

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Hi all

The build FINALLY commences.

And when I say finally, I really mean it.

The base engine was bought THIRTEEN years ago. It was given to my ex-F1 engine builder to turn into a reliable 300-350BHP unit for a kit car for road, track day and race use. I used to race a 235BHP 4age Corolla (AE86) but wanted something cheaper to run that would pass the UK MOT.

Fast forward ten years (never tell an engine builder you aren't in a hurry!) and the engine builder dies before completing it. I go up to collect the parts and it soon becomes clear that engine builders health was suffering far more than I had realised. The sensible thing to have done would be to throw the whole lot in a skip and start again.

Amongst the issues were no exhaust valve pockets in the custom pistons, distorted bores meaning the custom pistons were pointless anyway, unknown cam profile, incorrectly machined gearbox adapter plate, no intake system that was promised, no valves etc, sump that had started to be modified for dry sump...incorrectly, poorly machined head and block, the list went on, in short if it was actually there it was wrong.

After three years I have finally got enough parts and knowledge together to commence the build.

All the main machining is done. Gapped the rings and had to order a ring grinder as the top rings are tight. Valve spring heights checked and shims selected.

Progress at last!

Dry sump pan (9 month delay, plus nearly a year on my own failed effort to get the original sump to work as a dry sump pan)

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Most of the reason for the engine...the gearbox!

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And this was the first attempt at fitting the engine into the engine bay vacated by a Vauxhall/Opel C20XE. Fits suprisingly well! And no I am not sure what I would have done if it HADN'T fitted.

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That's an impressive build, what are you going to use it for?

Mostly terrorising Lotuses and Porsche's on track days and the odd Classic Sports Car Club open series race. In this.

It used to beat Exige's etc on short circuits with a standard C20XE on ITB, but ran out of puff at about 115-120MPH due to the drag caused by the downforce. Hoping to get to at least 160MPH with the new engine.

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