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Off-Road Racing Trophy Truck build

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Hi my name is Ash and i am from Team Outlaws4x4. Western Australia off-road racing team. I have been racing off road for a over 10 years and i love it! mind you i love all motor sport :)

Back in 2016 i had an unfortunate incident with my last race truck and i wrote it off. Since about Jan 2017 i have been designing and building my new Off-road Trophy Truck, which is an unlimited class vehicle (except for the engine) Unfortunately we can only run up to 3500cc Forced induction or 6000cc NA.

The new truck has been drawn 100% in CAD which took about 12 months and i started manufacturing the truck in November 2017.

These trucks are designed to have Huge amounts of suspension travel, 25" up front and 36" in the rear. Its had to comprehend what these trucks can do unless you see it for your self.

The engine and electronics package i am looking to run is a Gen 3 Big Stuff3 ECU, Racepak PDM and Racepak Iq3 data logger dash. The engine is a 6000cc LS N/A and i intend on running on E85 using flex fuel sensor.

Web site -

FaceBook - Team Outlaws4x4

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Cheers Ash

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Iv Been watching a lot of the webinars and iv started some of the tuning course to help me get an understanding on how to tune and setup the new truck to get the most out of the electronic package. very excited to see what we can come up with!