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Old school Honda thats different !

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My project car is a 1988 CA3 Honda accord .

May sound a bit different to some of you , But it is something different amongst the sea of civics and integras out there

Basically the engine I have built is a detuned touring car engine .

10.8:1 compression with wisecos , Eagle H beams ,Kelford cams with 244 dur in/ex @ 0.050, itbs from a black top 20 valve 4age ,os valves .

I don't have any good pictures of it at the moment mainly because the car is still going back together .

I will be running it with a G4+ atom and after doing a few of the courses will attempt to tune it myself if I can talk myself into a weekend on the dyno.

I have been told by a few tuners that tuning load with the map sensor will be a pain in the backside at low engine speed so

it will probably be tuned with tps at lower engine speeds and change to map for cruise/ higher engine speeds .



Fun to see and read those kinds of out of common proyects, post some pictures of the build.

I hope this link works ,has been a while since i've posted a pic anywhere .

If it works , this is just before i put it back where it belongs after a couple years .

The trumpets i made myself . I spun up a former on the lathe and with a press forced it into some 2 inch tubing and welded on some home made flanges .

far from a perfect , store bought mass produced part, but i'm pretty happy with them for my ist attempt.

And the lengths are all within 1mm .

Still a bit of wiring to go before its ready to start and tune .

Its a bit hard to work on your own toys and run a business at the same time.

Wives are not terribly understanding about such things i have found .

This is really cool man!

Honda guys seem to have no love for some of the older cars.

Yet there's some cool stuff around for sure.

Thanks Davidv !

My love for the old Honda might be because i'm getting older myself . lol

There are a couple of us around the country messing with these old things , and in the states there seems to be a bit of a following growing around old Hondas .

Most of those guys are sticking B18c , H22a and a few are starting on K series swaps in the CA series accords .

I've had it sitting back in the car for a week or two now, its a mess, but i still have a bit of wiring and plumbing to do , a few wee its here and there to tidy.

If the picture works, you can see what i'm doing for an ignition system.

Basically using the honda distributor for the pick ups only and running a couple mazda wasted spark coils .

I will be using a 4g63 2 channel ignitor to switch them .

My aim is to beat up on one of earlier cars andre built and tuned an engine for , a turbocharged 20 valve 4age thats in a toyota Marino owned by an old mate of mine. Its good for low 14s and somewhere around 230-240 hp at the wheels .

Looks Nice

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