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Peugeot 206 1600 GTI 2003

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Hello everyone, I just started the courses and is my first time in the forum. First, I was looking for this courses for long time, so i was very happy to join the Academy, thanks for that.

My name is Joao Oliveira from Portugal, I have a Peugeot 206 GTI from 2003 which is with some upgrades in the engine (racing pistons only) and the ECU is an Haltec 500. I'm the Pilot of the car and i do Rallycross and asphalt and gravel rallies. It is my passion. One of my dreams is done, which was to be a Nacional Champion and was accomplished in 2015. My other dream is to build my on engine.

I'm doing your courses, but in the mean time i want to start preparing the list of material i will need. The object is to rebuild the engine to get the best performance possible. I'm even considering to buy another ECU, the Halted 1000 or 1500.

For this, it would be great if you could guide me on which i should buy and what i can use from the factory engine. Also i don't know if is worth it to buy another ECU or if the Haltec 500 will do the job.

Thanks a lot and best regards


Hello Joao!

I'm in france and have a speedshop (togheishop.com), I can supply you engines parts, and an ECU (MAxxEcu or LINK)

But I think your Haltec 500 can do the job, even with bigger cams for example. Maybe you are thinking about more modifications?

Hello Dadid,

Thanks for the advice on the Haltec ECU.

As for my engine project, the expected result is to have a S1600 engine able to produce the best performance possible, of course, without loosing reliability. :) to sure if I'm getting to ambitious.

It would be great if you could send me the list of all new parts you can provide, including engine in and out, fuel, air, etc.

Thanks a lot and best regards

Hi, Only drawback with the Haltech 500 is that do not have on board data looging, on a street car or on the dyno it is not much of a problem because you could record the data on the laptop memory when is connected to the ecu , but it is nice and useful for a racing car even more if the driver is the tuner to log the engine data on the onboard memory of the ecu so you could have test sessions or race some laps and then you could download the data to your laptop and check engine parameters like air/fuel ratio, temperatures, pressures ,etc... so you could monitor and correct some values for the next test session or race. For example a Haltech Elite 750 can do that and a lot of others basic ecus too, then for manage a four cylinder N.A. engine the haltech 500 is a good ecu with no performane penalty.

Hello Joao,

for where you're at a Haltech 500/550 is adequate but if you're planning on building a super1600 engine then i would suggest looking at an ECU with closed loop fuelling, knock control and onboard logging to get the most out of it and make sure it survives. Haltech 1000 should cover it but at that price point there are multiple options from Link, ECUmaster, Liferacing etc. S1600's are typically around 200/220bhp at 8.5/9krpm and are pretty big investment so worth looking after. Off the top of my head i think Citroen managed 220+bhp out of their TU5 so there should be plenty of parts and knowledge around if you research Citroen C2 rather then 206 gti as they have a similar engine.

Thanks everyone for the replies. And sure I'm looking for the Haltech 1000 for this project.

Thanks again and happy new year

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