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Practice rb20de+t neo build

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hey guys just starting a thread for my up coming practice tuning motor... its a rb20de neo thats receiving a turbo.. will be using my 25det intake on it...

nistuned ecu

z32 afm

550cc injectors

td06 25g will be laggy lol

Will you be keeping the internals stock?

Consider me subscribed, me and a couple of mates have drunkenly discussed doing something like this to see what happened. Have you already bought the turbo? That is rather large hahaha.

What are your intentions power wise etc from it?

yeah stock internals, no real goals only paid 250 for the motor and all my parts just waiting to be used, just using it as something i can pratice tuning on, pulled my head of my rb25det neo and has blown gasket on number 6 everything esle looks good will give it a rest and have a play with the 20 for now

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drop 550s done with plugs changed, gave my covers a freshen up, will try get abit done today

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What injectors are those?


i talked to him and only problem hes had with them is people gettin them for wrong setup

I'm not sure about the falcon but the Ford Focus ST and RS in the UK use a higher base pressure than the usual 3bar differential. That's be my only concern with those.

The same with the new GTR injectors that people are fitting to their RBs, they also run a higher base pressure differential to achieve their 570cc.

there rated at 43.5psi @ 550c should be swt

got some work done today, just gotta get my stock manifold done then few bits and pecies and it will be ready to go

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abit more progress just gotta sort oil drain and few bits a pecies then its ready to put in

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Looking good, what are those lines in front of the turbo? Water lines?

yeah they are, figured how to make it work so going to use them

so got motor in car and its starts, need exhaust finished so can get my wideband in and start tuning

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Nice one, let us know how you get on

motors in car, few issues at the start, me and my mate talked over adjustments needed to be made, learned what worked, pretty good rough fuel map 14.7s cruise 11.5-7s on full boost which peaked at 8.6, its pretty laggy as i expected but bloody fun feeling the improvements from bearly driveable to boosting smoothly, need to make my audio knock detection and sort timing then see how much boost i can push, goal of 14 and ill be happy, few pics tomorrow

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