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R35 GTR Transmission in my Subaru

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Hi guys so i have been playing with the idea of the GR6 tranny in my subaru for a long time , as i seen it has been done before and comparing the cost of a samsonas sequential and having to donate a 6 speed for the housing/casing this seems less expensive and the benefit of the weight at the rear, am really not to bothered about the 4wd aspect of it for the moment running RWD would still be amazing.

So heres where am at so far the tranny is mounted in the rear where it needs to be and custom rear subframe has been prototype made up, all looking good i have shafts to modify to use existing hubs , i have all the GR6 gear selector. wiring harness, ecu paddle shifts etc, ive to see an engineer shop to make up a flange to mate the prop with the engine,

i have a syvecs ECU S7+ and plan to link up with the stock nissan TCM via can would the HP Academy CAN course help with being able to set this up surely this couldnt be too difficult for all you CAN guys? any help or advice would be appreciated with the electrics would i need any extra can tools for the job?


I would talk to Syvecs directly on this. The integration of ECU to TCM is very specific, in depth, and not something easily reverse engineered by a novice.

Hopefully they can provide you with what's needed. Otherwise I believe the only person who has done this is Andy Forrest, so he would be the next to ask.

When tuning the engine, make sure everything is done in a manner that results in accurate airflow and torque estimation, since that will be key to the success of communication with the transmission.

Thanks for replying . I assumed it wouldn't have been too difficult maybe am totally wrong, syvecs ecu integrates with the stock GTR tcm with the ecutek software on it , something ive no idea about but i have used the ecutek software for the nissan tcm GTRs that use syvecs speak to the nissan TCM i believe

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