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Where do i start...

I got this car imported almost 10 years ago and served me as my "daily" for many years.

It wasn't until i started modifying it just after i got off my P plates that i started getting unwanted attention from the police so decided to pull it off the road and turn it into a dedicated track car.

Over the years i have done mods to the rb20 then when i wanted more power i ended up swapping out for a 25.

Currently the mod list is as follows:

- RB25 with ported/polished head

- Tomei poncams

- Garrett gt3582r .63

- HKS 50mm wastegate

- DW750cc

- Walbro 450

- HKS GD pro twin plate

- HKS oil cooler with thermostat

- 600x300x120 3.25" intercooler

- LQ9 coil conversion

- 52mm 3core radiator

- custom swirl pot setup

There is a whole bunch of other things i would of forgot but you get the idea.

I'm also waiting on my new fuse panel to arrive so i can start rewiring the whole car

I've just got the car back from the fabricators and stripped out all the wiring and painted the cage and cut the dash and dummy fitted it all up :)

[img="http://coilswap.net/32/masked-up.jpghttp://coilswap.net/32/painted.jpghttp://coilswap.net/32/dash-cut.jpg" alt=""]

Now it's just the waiting game till a few more parts arrive, i'll try keep the thread updated as often as possible

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Looking good so far, will be keeping an eye on this

Not much of an update but i had some spare time and decided to make up some door cards and a blank-off plate for my cluster until i get my hands on a racepak iq3 dash

I got my ecu but it wasn't the adaptronic.

I managed to score a Haltech ps2000 for a really good price so i thought why the hell not

Now i just need to buy a loom and get it made up.

the next step should be somewhat fun to do :)

Finally got it running, I just need to finalise where i'm going to mount everything before finishing off the loom and all the required extra sensors. after that it's off to the dyno and see how we go :)

Nice one, LQ9 coils are a good choice, I've just had 8 delivered.

yeah they work a treat! I run a LQ9 kit with a COP conversion and a Wirigspecialties harness

Finally got some time and managed to get a unregistered vehicle permit to take the car and get some dyno time.

Unfortunately as i don't have a license i had a friend of mine drive it while i was fiddling around with the map to get it derivable.

One thing led to another and the car had a malfunction just as we got it on the freeway on-ramp. (faulty cam angle sensor)

Once we sorted that problem out there were a few other minor glitches and hiccups along the way but we managed to get it running flawlessly and it produced a healthy 307rwkw @ 19.8psi on 98. very pleased with the end result considering i've got the .63 rear housing. since i'll be using it for drifting it i'll enjoy the responsiveness and upgrade later down the track when i save up enough for a e85 setup.

nice build. how is the lag with the GT35 and small hotside? I'd imagine almost non-existent. The only reason I ask is because I have a GT35 w/ .63 hotside that I'd like to use on my RB26.

honestly i should of gone one size up (.82) it chokes a lil up top with the .63, but the low end response is awesome, if you're gonna run a gt35r on a 26 i'd go for the next size up

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