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Rotated turbo suabru sti not boosting.

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Hello I just needed some help. I'm running a fp xona rotor 105/68 with an .81ar. with a new stage 4 Iag block with around 3k miles on it. Im trying to make a full pull but its only giving me 11 pounds instead of the 36 were supposed to be getting. the wastegate spring is 21 pounds. Im also not seeing and leaks on the hot or cold side of turbo could the turbo be the problem with no shaft play or smoking? anyone have any ideas? Thank you for any suggestions.

I'm not a Subaru guy, and not familiar with that snail, but it seems like it may be rather too big for your application? What have you done to actually check for leaks, or blockages? It may be something silly like a collapsing hose, or kink, mis-times camshaft(s), the TB not opening fully, or something completely unexpected?

For those who have experience with these combinations, or similar, it would help if you could give a full run down on the engine, induction and exhaust, charge cooler, and anything else that may affect the power/torque - or more to the point, the engine's breathing.

So the car made 720hp 585tq. 2k injectors an6 feed lines an8 return, two walbro 450 pumps. long tube na intake, 272 cams, perrin up pipe and headers, tial 45mm bov turbosmart hypergate 45 wg with 3in dump, custom intake piping perrin front mount intercooler. Thats the basics of the car. the car was boosting and making power then the next day. its boosting at 11psi. the car doesnt seem to be running poorly no misfires or coolant in oil or oil in coolant. ive checked for intake tube leaks no rips in coupler or loose piping. I cant see or hear any exhaust leaks ive checked wastegate and taken apart the bov ive checked for leaks at the intake.

Whats the boost control solenoid? You should be running at least a 3 port or 4 port? What is the target boost map set at? You could allways try a softer spring in the wastegate?

its a turbosmart 4port. target 38psi at one point we were running a 1 bar spring but I was told it was opening and needed to be at least half of what we were trying to run. would a bad boost solenoid change the boost pressure from not even making spring pressure?

If it's making 720 hp on 11 PSI, you aren't reading the pressure correctly. If that was a previous set-up, what is the "11 PSI" power/torque figure*?

If the former is correct, it might be a sender/transducer problem - is it correctly identified in the settings? It may be a small leak bleeding off the pressure if taken from a feed line?

Before stressing out, can you fit a mechanical pressure gauge to the intake manifold to get a confirmation of the actual manifold pressure, if you haven't already done so?

*Oh, do you have a graph of the power and/or torque, it may suggest something?

I’m sorry I miss spoke. It makes 720 on 36psi.

I can’t figure out why the sudden loss of boost pressure. I could take the pressure gauge and take a measurement from the turbo and then the intake manifold and see if it’s along the cold side that I missed. Thank you

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