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Got a link to the actual cam card?

Not yet, This is a billet custom cam. I suppose that I will get it with the cam. I found it is extremely difficult to have contacts with performance shop or cam grinders and get some serious advices. I used to run Crane cams and they where there to help me on this one. Still waiting for Comp cam and others to wake up. The 55mm billet cores seem to be very special.

I wanted Something reliable for the street. Dyno will tell us where we are.

Here are the first parts arrived. Except the crank that will need 4 more months, the rest is on the way.

Christmas is coming !

My friend in LA got the 2 PT7675

Parts keep on coming

Rods Callies ultra I beam 6.2"

Pistons Diamond + Coating . Compression 10.75/1

Crank with 8 counter weights

I just watched the Webinar concerning the head gaskets and wonder witch type to install. I used to run the FelPro Loc Wire composite gasket at 25+ PSI.

I concider now the Cometic MLS, but would those hold for 2000hp ? I am not sure I want to install copper gaskets, coolant sealing may by borderline in winter with cold start.

That's my last big question about the setup.