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SR20 Vet neo 20v head

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Hey guys,

As of 2 weeks ago i am the lucky owner of a Nissan 20v Neo VE head with stock cams 244 inlet 280 exhaust specs

Currently researching parts and modifications to build a full SR20VET motor capable of 700hp

Would love recommendations, My budget isnt open wallet so would love some information on modifications to the head that i could use or sizes for pistons etc for the block, eg is it worth going stroker or not

Thanks! looking forward to getting on this build!

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Nice score, on the electrical side I can recommend checking out the Taarks range to replace the factory CAS to something a bit better. Only other option that I am aware of for this conversion is Mazworx which is very expensive.

Also given your in Australia this would likely be a good resource for bits and pieces too.


Andre's latest vlog surrounding the rebuild of the GT86 should give you some idea of the supporting modifications you are going to need to reach a 700hp mark.

Good Luck.

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