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sr20det power limit

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Im a building an silvia s15 right now, the engine as been rebuilt and im a bit confused over how much power i should go for and thought that maybe you could give me an idea?

The engine: SR20DET Black Top

Engine specs:

Tomei PROCAM in 260-12.00mm and ex 260-12.00mm

Tomei solid pivot lifters

Supertech headgasket

Supertech dual valvesprings and retrainers kit

JE pistons 10.0:1 (86.5mm)

Manley H-Beam rods (arp 2000 bolts)

Mazworks weider and more hole for lubrication ACL Calico coated race bearing main/rod

Mazworkz Headstudkit

Mazworkz Mainstudkit

Motul Oil, E85, oil coolers, etc etc.

What do you think?

Thanks! :)

to be fair talk to the engine builder and tuner,

you have left off a few varibles that would be hopeful like turbo

intake exhaust wat is it being used for etc

Well, the tuners arent reliable here. I was just curious about how the internals of this sr20 will hold up on the street. I fully understand that i need to match all surrounding parts.

With E85, that looks like a good foundation.