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Current project is a S13 Coupe

Fully Built S14 SR20DET

Wossner Pistons 86mm 8.0:1CR

Manley Rods

HKS 264 cams

BC Valve Springs and Retainers

ACL Orbital High Flow Oil Pump

King Bearings

Tomei 1.0 mm head gasket

Currently Running AEM V2 EMS

Tomei 740CC injectors

GTX2867R with Tial 38mm external wastegate

Would like to see 400WHP from this setup. I think I'm covered pretty well

The cool stuff :

Very nice, I've a PS13 in the shop just now, we ditched the SR after discovering the engine was past it and went with an RB25DET NEO.

How come you've went for the 2867? most people go for the 2871 to aim for 400.

That is actually the turbo that's on there with the .84 housing. I must've mistyped. Weird

So there has been quite the change in the past few months

Sold the Garrett unit and decided to go true twin scroll with a Borg Warner s200sx-e with a .75AR rear housing

Ended up running into a cam timing issue.

Fixed the issue, then the car snapped a rocker arm

At that point we decided to go with the SR20VE head

Picked up a complete SR20VE P11 engine for 500 bucks

Ordered a bunch of goodies as well

Going to replace Rod and Main bearings due to shards that were possibly dispersed in the motor

After taking off the pan I guess one of the pistons lopped off the oil squirter

The SR20VE head is receiving full reconditioning and Supertech Dual Valve Springs and Retainers

Utilizing P12 cam angle sensor and coilpacks

Also Utilizing P12 VVL Solenoid

Xcessive manifold plenum with oem P11 runners

Considering using adjustable cam gears with the OEM cams to take out some overlap?

Recently. Just got done with the head swap I only took a couple of pictures too busy trying to resolve small issues. The Pistons look great after 1000 miles of pretty hard driving. Just wiped up a little bit of carbon film I was covering them. No signs of detonation or anything like that.

As far as the whole head swap if we run into any issues with that. It seemed pretty straightforward. The whole oil line relocation thing is simple plug the hole drill a hole tap it and just run a line.

Yeah this head should have definitely came on this motor stock

We did have an issue with the throttlebody clearing the hood the hood already has spaces on it and it still hit pretty gnarly. we resolved this by flipping the bottle body and a cutting off necessary things. We are also using the stock throttlebody as well.

Car should be fired up and running this weekend or within the next couple of days and the only exciting part left is tuning tuning.

That's some impressive work. Let us know how the tuning goes

Nice work! Very interested to see how that setup goes, too - keep us updated!

Going to the dyno to tune this thing tomorrow.

Anybody got any guesses


8:1 compression Pistons in combination with this head should raise compression to 8.7:1

Tomei 740cc injectors

Stock VE Cams

Supertech Valve Springs and Retainers

Twin Scroll Manifold

Borg Warner S257SX-E

Xcessive Intake Manifold

100 Octane Race Fuel

depends on how far you push it, I'm going for 550bhp/500lbft

I'll go with around 450whp assuming a Dynojet - how did you get on?

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