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Interesting setup with that hall wheel, never seen that before!

No updates in a while.

Here are pictures of some of the work.

Engine back in

Temporary marking of the loom

Got a spacer made to go between the plenum and the runners to give space to the top mount fuel rail.

Test fitting of the fuel rail. Bored all the injector holes from 11mm to 14mm to fit my Lucas injectors

Made a block off plate for the IACV, and fabricated a mount for the fuel rail. As you can see i am no fabricator, nor do i have the tools needed for this kind of work, but function over form for now so i can get the car up and running. Also got the bosch TMAP sensor fitted

Dual caliper setup fitted. 2x R33 GTR Brembo's, wilwood 0.625 cylinder and carbotech XP10 pads for the hand brake

Interior is coming together again with brand new takata 6 point race harness

Test mounting of the hand brake

Stocked up on tires for the season so i hope the car gets ready soon