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SR86 - SR20VE Swapped Toyota GT86

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This thread has been a long time coming!

Bit of catching up to do before we get up to date on things, but from there we'll try to keep you guys more in the loop on what is happening behind the scenes and give you some more insight, if you want it =)

Here is the list of where things were at before the first video here which was a mix of how we got the car and some of our own adjustments.Parts list

A couple of Toyota GT86 bits...plus the following.


450HP Toyota 1UZFE V8 - Details above

Custom 3 stage dry sump setup

CNC ported heads

Manley rods

Setrab oil cooler


TTi GTO 6 Speed Sequential

Motorsport Systems strain gauge gear lever

Tilton Twin Plate clutch

Tilton hydraulic release bearing

Chromoly Flywheel

Gearbox cooler: Mocal oil pump, Setrab cooler


Injector Dynamics ID1050X injectors

Radium Engineering in tank fuel surge hanger x 2

DW300 fuel pump x 4

Radium Engineering multi-pump surge tank


Cusco diff cover and -6 breather

Cusco LSD with 4.556 final drive

Differential oil cooling system with Mocal pump and Setrab cooler

DSS 800HP axles (We have had MAJOR issues with DSS 1000HP axles. More here.)

In-house solid diff bushes


RaceFab suspension arm and trailing arms

MCA Suspension ‘Reds’

MCA Suspension Traction Mod Mount

Stock Lower Control Arms With Whiteline Bushes

Whiteline Anti-roll bars front and rear

Parts Shop MAX hubs front and rear

Parts Shop MAX upper rear control arms and tension arms

Brakes, Wheels and Tyres (aka Tires 😉):

Izze Racing TTPMS (Tyre monitoring system)

Endless Brake pads, calipers and rotors

WedsSport TC105N Wheels

Michelin Medium Compound Slicks 24/64 R17

Hankook Wet Weathers


Barry RaceWorks ‘Ghetto’ aero package with ‘eBay special’ rear wang


6 point roll cage with side intrusion bars

RaceTech seats, floor and cage mounted

Schroth Profi 2x2 harness


MoTeC C125 dash display and data logger

MoTeC M150 ECU - Toyota 86 ‘Engine Swap’ package

MoTeC T2 Telemetry system

EcuMaster PMU

Driver Control Setup - In- house with EcuMaster CAN Switch Board


Speedflow AN Fittings - care of GSS Performance

Now, how the SR20VET swap really all started...

From there we waited, and waited, and waited for our 3UZ-FE replacement build to come back from the local machinist and our USA custom piston order to be get sorted (who for a long time was waiting on the details from the machinist). Once we realised there was no way that was going to happen in time, this happened.....

Full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQSiw9vlcZuyqf_zOPhdf4743lk4MnrV4

There were a few frantic weeks of building and filming including getting some help from Vinny Fab (the workshop who did the exhaust system on the FD3S RX7), who did a monster effort driving down, punching out some top notch fabrication work, finding time to sink a few beers with their friends locally then heading home. Heroes.

Fun fact, neither of these blokes are called Vinny.

Then came the tuning. Luckily we know a guy.

Ultimately, the project was too much for the team to get together in the way we wanted with the time available, all the while still working on HPA as well. The result was pretty disappointing at the first round of the series and it led to the pin being pulled to really avoid just having the same issue at the following rounds.

Note while some of the issues were caused by 3rd parties, at the end of the day it was trusting and NOT verifying due to the push that tripped the team up.

Why did we fit a dry sump to the SR20VET?

Ducting and cooling process which has seen a few iterations due to bodywork changes and aero development.

Back to the tuning side of things, Andre uses the SR86 as an example for managing wet conditions on track:

Since then, the car has still been in development with an electrical tidy up, brake upgrade and turbo swap being just a few of the things ticked off the list. More to come on all that in future updates.

If you have, or haven't, been following this build via our social channels and have any questions about it all, fire them below.

A really common question given it is the 'go-to' 4 cylinder swap of the times is 'why didn't you just put a K series in it dawg?'

Here's Andres explanation in full colour:

With that out of the way we can carry on with our previous progress. Another change from the original build was the cam profile/cams, as outlined here:

And most recently we have been working on the aero side of things:

Front bumper development:

The car got to a point where Brandon and Jimmy needed to sort the front end out into its final state to work with the aero element that has been added. A few options were discussed, and for the time being a fibreglass bumper is the solution leaving us with the ability to replace it if required easier than if we plastic welded what he had together for a 1-off.





Also in the works has been more ducting refinement and of course the rest of the aero package.



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