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Subaru STI - Ferrari F136 Rally Car

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Last summer I started working on swapping a Ferrari F136 from a California into my Subaru rally car.

A little more progress.

It's running!

Top view showing its relation to the front strut towers.

Custom flywheel and adapter plate I designed in SolidWorks to mate the Ferrari motor to the Subaru transmission.

Wiring progress pics.

And an artsy one for fun.

You're insane! I love it and it'll sound so good, too :-)

This is awesome. Will follow this along.

That's a great build! Any chance we'll see that in CRC in the east?

I'd really like to make it out to Baie at some point but probably won't be this year. I want to do another attempt at the North America Rally Cup but still saving up a budget to do that.

Will likely stay in the Pacific Northwest this year and hopefully do Pacific Forest and Big White if they let me.

Now it's really running!

Seen a small clip of this on the socials, awesome work!

This is sick! Amazing ;)

Very cool

Shakedown looks and sounds amazing!

Just watched this on DirtFish, mate this build is wicked cool.

I'm so proud of you buddy. Great stuff!

I hope this inspires others to dream big AND go big. Sam watched the HPA courses and really went for it with not just the engine swap, but full motorsport vehicle wiring and everything. He got the PDM going, the engine running himself too.

Thanks all! Many thanks to Mike for his mentorship along the way. It's been crazy all of the attention this car has been getting including filming an episode of Top Gear American Tuned. Despite this, it's kind of been a rough start to its competition debut. Two DNFs in a row is a bit rough although they at least weren't engine or wiring related. Just a beat-up rally car with fatigued parts starting to let go.

We did see some promise at the Oregon Trail Rally last month battling for second overall all weekend until the rear diff blew a hole through the cover. I still have some relearning to do to make sure I'm staying up high in the RPM where the power is. We were having overheating issues all weekend too so I'm putting the mechanical water pump back in to run in series with the electric pump off the radiator. Some tweaks to the suspension and finding more reliability will put us in a great spot to be competitive amongst the privateers. Neither I nor the car have the pace to match Subaru Motorsports USA.

Here's a neat perspective of the Super Special at Portland International Raceway. Not the fastest, but put us solidly in P2 going into Friday night

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