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T1 EG civic H22 turbo build

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Hey everyone, just thought I’d start documenting the progress of this car since I bought it completely stock in 2017.

1995 Honda civic CX with 125k miles d15b7 that I swapped to a d16y1. Neither engine ever ran right and would either overheat or had a weird misfire that me and my friends couldn’t diagnose and fix.

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After failing to get the single cam engines working I spent a bunch of money on a h22 euro r long block. Doing a nice swap really does start to add up and with the shifter, mounts, axles, ecu, injectors, engine harness, I’d spent way more than I ever planned on just an engine swap.

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The car still wasn’t reliable. I had a leaking transmission and one day the car died on the way home with another weird issue. After not being able to fix the issue and being out of money and motivation I sold the car to a good friend and was able to get a normal daily so I could make the drive to work. I had just bought most of the parts for a turbo kit but all of that had to wait.

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Fast forward 3 years later I was given the car back for free from my buddy. I immediately went to work getting to car to what it should be. First thing was the transmission. After tearing it apart the differential was broken and would not lock the axle into place causing fluid to leak out even with brand new seals. I had a Mfactory LSD and gearset I gave away with the car and it still existed when I got the car back so I bought all new bearings and installed new synchros and gear set with a tall 5th gear for highway cruising

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Next up I started building the piping and fitting the intercooler to fit behind the stock bumper. A little trimming and patience and I got it to where I was happy.

I also went ahead and relocated the battery to the hatch to free up some space for the fan relay and catch can where the battery originally was. That really cleaned up the engine bay with the way I routed the battery cables

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More turbo stuff like the oil return line, boost solenoid, tidying up wiring, adding sensors, fuel pressure regulator, etc

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Working on little details and things that bother me. I finally started it with the turbo kit and all seems good!

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Fix little leaks and tighten belt. Start to learn the tuning process and I was for sure ready for it to blow up at any time. H series Honda engines are many things and not handling boost is one of them. So far so good.

photo of the laptop is hondata doing hondata things. Pretty frustrating but I figured out how to get around it

i made enough exhaust that I could get an accurate afr reading and sent it! Also practiced my TIG welding and I thing I did pretty good for only being at it for a couple of months

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Dyno time and lots of boost creep. The more rpm the more boost rises. Ended up making 365/267 on 14psi and 12° of timing

On 10-12psi it made 330-340 at around 7200-7400rpm

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attached the front bumper and cleaned up the trim job. After some serious thought I talked to Tony and started preparing for the next big upgrade. Motec M150 GRP-P pro firmware and DBW.

This way I’ll have some seriously needed traction control capabilities and never really need an ecu upgrade ever again.

its been a long 7ish months getting this car to where it’s at now and I’ve learned a ton. It’s still not perfect but I’m very proud of what I’ve done. From not knowing how to weld or tune to kind of knowing what I’m doing is pretty cool. Looking forward to the rest of 2024 and what goals I accomplish!


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