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Toyota 86 Borg Warner EFR 6758 E85 build

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Hello folks!!

Figured it was about time I introduced everyone to my car.

I bought my 86 new in October 2015. Since then it's had a full catless exhaust and N/A 98RON tune, Sprintex supercharger with flex fuel and now we are running a Borg Warner EFR 6758 at about 18 psi!!

The tune has not been done by myself but I have been tuning a few N/A 86's around my town.

The aim is 300kW and around 500nm at max power. Dyno run is happening tomorrow so we will know how good we are travelling.

Here are some of the final logs for your enjoyment!

How did your dyno run go?

What software/ECU are you using for tuning the 86's?

Sorry for the lack of update!

Currently using the standard ECU with EcuTek RaceRom for tuning. As much as flashing isn't my forte, it works very well.

So on the dyno day... Apart from running out of fuel on the way there because the gauge was wrong, and hitting an animal on the way back and breaking my bumper (much sadness), the day was really good. Hung out with a few 86 club members, checked out builds etc. Everyone picked on me because I'm the black sheep running a different kit with a different tuning company etc etc.

Here's the run

The facts of the day:

Dyno room was 40 degrees Celsius, I had major traction issues on 18 PSI so had to knock down to 16 PSI (still had traction issues), running stock exhaust from the turbo back (which I hope to change this month) and yeah. Not a bad result, cooler day with traction and a proper exhaust system I think I'd be closer to my goal. Still beat the next highest by 50kW ;D

Next on the list is full 3inch system, better or wider tyres and I'll be done!

On another note, one of the organisers took my car for a spin. He said out of all the boosted 86's he's driven, mine was the only one he has been scared in. He said it was crazy fast etc etc. So that's a better compliment than any dyno printout I believe :D