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Toyota Corolla - All Rounder Race Car Project

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Just thought I'd start a thread of my corolla race car project. It was my first car when I first got my licence before it came off the road to be built up for circuit racing in improved production in queensland. I'm hoping to sticker it up one to to look like the old caltex corollas that ran in the 90's, there aren't any left unfortunately so its a piece of history thats lacking i feel.


Toyota Corolla AE92 Seca Liftback (not the most desirable race car I know)

Engine: 4age 20valve silvertop

Transmission: Standard 5 Speed gearbox (non-lsd, LSD 4agze gearbox ready to go in)

Suspension: MRP Coilovers

Brakes: Wilwood Dynalite 4 piston front calipers

Custom 6 point roll cage

ECU: Autronic SMC

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you might say that it's not the most desirable racecar but it's very ST165 Celica looking.

Is the gearbox the C52 in that model and is the 4AGZE gearbox that's going in the one with the even length shafts?

what sort of power are you getting out of the old silver top?

Yeh that's true. I think it is the c52 in there at the moment with the equal length driveshafts and the 4agze lsd box is the same shaft setup.

As for power I'm not sure. Haven't had it on the dyno yet. I would assume around the 100kw mark based on what they came with stock.

I am contemplating upgrading the engine to a 7age setup at some point.

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