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Please can you explain me the counting method of flywheel - gap - TDC #1(compression stroke) and finally trigger offset better ?

How to find exactly the trigger offset?g4ecu.

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The reality of this is that you don't need to find the angle by measuring the degrees of crank rotation. You can find the angle simply by fitting a timing light and adjusting the offset until the timing aligns with what you have set in the laptop. The actual process the ECU goes through is to look at the reference tooth on the trigger pattern and the offset is the angle between the reference tooth and TDC #1 firing. The location of the reference tooth however will depend a little on the trigger mode. For example in a multi tooth missing trigger input the reference tooth is the first tooth after the gap.


Thank you for your answer

The reference timing matters on the total timing or it is only to see if the ecu manages to adjust the timing to that extend and milliseconds are for what purpose ?

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The time (position of the piston in crank degrees) when the ECU needs to trigger it's outputs (for spark and fuel) is totally dependent on having the correct reference offset. It's critical to get this right, particularly if you're going to use existing timing maps. This is one of the first tasks when you install a new ECU onto an engine.

Hello David!

I know that i open the calibrate and then set base timing on g4 ecu.I look three parameters the first is lock timing to.. the second is adjust offset and third is delay in microseconds. First exactly found the TDC then i lock timing to..( 10 degrees BTDC for example ) then i found the corect offset when timing light show me the mark of 10 degrees and then stabilized it with microseconds. So i set base timing and close the window of timing. That 10 degrees added on timing of ignition timing table? How to find the correct trigger offset ? exept g4 ecu help becase i confused (-360+360degrees) with TDC and gap.(please explain to me)

Correct me if i`m wrong and teach me how to.

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I think you need direct support from Link for your questions. Have you tried their support forum: