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Hi all, thought I would share what I have going on at the moment.

All started when I bought a dirt bike a few years ago & needed a cheap ute to get it from a to b instead of relying on mates ect. A old 88 triton was just down the road for $700, perfect!

Needed a few things, but wasn't long before it was on the road doing its job. The rings where gone, and it stunk of burnt oil. Got to the point where it was using too much oil & something had to be done. New rings where $500, or there was a VX commodore not far for $200. So I picked up the commodore and spent a few months and a considerable chunk of change swapping the motors out.

That was good for about a year, got daily driven was a fun thing with the 4:11 diff gears.

A mate later convinced me it needed a turbo tho, so I bought a gt42 sized turbo straight off eBay. Fuels supplied from a walbro 525 and a set of X Spurt 1170cc injectors. Ls1 coils & a Link G4 Fury running the show.

The bottom end is factory for now, the single row timing chains been swapped out for a double row chain, mace 605 grind cam, new lifters, hardened pushrods & 130lb valve springs went in. I'm using l67 heads which opens the option for 12 injectors if the time comes & cometic mls head gaskets.

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Soon the motor was back in, and i bought some NB40 tube & bends for the turbo manifold. Borrowed a mates TIG welder and taught myself to TIG.

The RHS looks tight, but does allow for a 3.5" dump pipe.

I have since added an expander on the cross over pipe & a brace from the turbo flange that bolts back to the block in an attempt to triangulate the manifold a little & not have the weight if the turbo sitting on the RHS runner.

Had to do some lobster bends to get the turbo to the intercooler with a smooth transition. Space is quite tight.

Turbo and waste gate lines are all -4 hardline. Turbo drain is -10 hardline.

The 4L60 gearbox wasn't going to be much good, so thru some digging found a a340 box fit using a rodeo bellhousing. Handy since i have a a340 sitting there from a 1jz soarer i bought. Its not a straight fit up. Some modifications to the rodeo convertor need to happen an a 3mm spacer for convertor expansion needs to go on.

I contacted Gilroys Transmissions and they modified the a340 valve body, apart from that the box is factory. After a quick inspection all parts in there are in really good shape!

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It would be about now that my son was born.

The single cab ute wasnt going to cut it anymore, so bought a dual cab from the auctions for next to nothing. I don't love old tritons, but there was too much work in it already to change the car.

So motors come out both the utes. The dual cab still had all the factory sheet metal brackets, so a spot weld drill bit took care of them.

I mounted the motor the same way, using 100mm C channel. Since the engine mounts aren't level or symmetrical it's the easiest way I've found.

Made a new crossmemebr brace that incorperates a bottom brace for the intercooler.

Before the motor went in for the final time, the I painted the engine bay with some autothane white.

The engine bay is getting too busy for the factory oil filter location, so a relocation kit has put in on the LHS with some -10 hardline conmecting it.

After watching the pro level motorsport wiring videos I wanted to try concentric twisting. I bought 16awg tefzel, to match what came out of the cars body loom. This was only going to be for headlights, indicators the thermo fans, washer bottle pump ect. If it's a little on the large side I'm not too phased. A round 31 pin connector is used for the pass thru and welded tabs on the inner gaurd hold the wiring in place.

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For a fuel tank, I bought a sheet of 3mm aluminium. Bent it up into the biggest tank I could fit in the factory place. (Don't want to be limited where I can go, doing something like drag challenge would be great in the future)

It's a 80L cell. A simple baffle is welded in. I couldn't justify the cost of fuel pump hangers for what they are so made one from stuff I had laying around.

That's pretty much where I'm at. Few things still do to. Hoping to get the ecu wired in this week. I had to break up the posts, the site didn't like trying to upload so much at once. I can't attach any more pictures at the moment but will once I can.

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Additional pics

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Hat's off to you, this a cool build.

Good job!

Keen to see this thing running, great job

Cool project

Great build mate, keep up the great work

Looking good. That loom is well done.

Big project, looks like your are enjoying it. I agree about the loom - it gives me added incentive to do proper concentric twisting for the IndyCar!



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