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Vectra 3.0l V6 hybrid turbo My first build

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im Currently building a mazda RX-8 with a vectra 3.l V6 diesel engin. The turbo off this engine has been hybrid.

I am using a mazda RX-7 gearbox with adaptor plate

Im looking for advice tips and tricks for this build as it is my first project.

The whole rreason i decided to join HP Academy.

i look forward to your feedback

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Hybrid Turbo

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have you mounted it in the engine bay yet?

G'day Nicky!

Looks to be a pretty epic project. RX8's are just so cheap, they seem like such a lot of car for the money... Especially if you do something about the troublesome renesis engine. We've got a diesel tuning course in the works that you might find really useful. Keep us updated for sure, can't wait to see where this ends up!