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or.... and now for something completely different!

Currently building a Nissan VQ30DE. Spec as follows -

JE custom pistons fully coated and internally machined... ultra light

Carrillo rods - Ultra light

Standard crank - Hence the above light parts!

Ported head on stock sized Manley valves

A weird combination of Manley/Ferrea valve train

Jenvey bodies and DBW

Really weird reground cam profiles 9.75mm gross lift on all with about 312 degrees on the inlet and 286 degrees on the exhaust

Hewland ex BTCC sequential gearbox

All being run by a Motec M130.

All this started over ten years ago during a discussion about making my mid engined kit car faster but still reliable. My engine builder and I decided on a 3 litre V6 with an easy 300BHP. The project was started.

Over ten years later and the engine builder died, leaving me with a pile of mostly useless parts (and no chance of any refunds). So I have pretty much had so start from scratch with zero budget. Hence signing up to your courses as I can't afford to an engine mapper for some time. At least I hope to be able to get the car driveable by myself.

That all looks very interesting. Could you post up some pictures of the kit car and engine build? I work on a fair few Z's so know the engine reasonably well

About time I posted a photo!

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thats the sickest vq ive ever seen, nice!