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Wolf in sheeps clothing - Celica GT-Four

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Hi all

My name is Mike, I've been building this car for 10 years now. First started playing with engine management in 2012 on a Power FC, since then I changed things up quite drastically in the car along with a Link G4 which I really properly learnt on, tuning it on the street & drag strip via datalogs.

I'm glad I took the HPA courses as they filled in alot of gaps and re-enforced what I had previously learnt the hard way as well as teaching some very useful tricks.

I'm in the middle of wiring up a Link G4+ Thunder for the car and configuring a whole bag of tricks with it, here is some specs on the car.

Toyota 3S-GTE Gen 3 block built by Grahaem Carr - 1998 strong block, JE pistons +0.5mm, Eagle rods, ACL race bearings, ARP studs main, head, rods, flywheel etc

Toyota 3S-GTE Gen 4 head built by Craig Muller - Kelfordcams 272, RealSt stainless valves, Fidanza cam gears, BC valve springs, RealSt titanium collets & retainers, 2ZZ shimless buckets

Toyota E154F syncromesh gearbox built by Craig Muller

Exedy 3-puk heavy duty clutch kit

Setrab transmission Oil cooler

Borg Warner EFR7163 0.80 A/R twin scroll turbo fabricated kit by Hakan Foldefors

+ Turbosmart Kompact shorty & Dual port IWG

Toyota Group A manifold

Toyota Group A anti-lag

Toyota Group A water injection

Toyota Group A intercooler spray

HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust system

Toyota 3S-GTE Gen 4 intake manifold

TTT Auto Engineering fabrication - front mounted intercooler, header tank, fuel surge tank, water injection tank, custom radiator, etc

Twin Bosch 044 pumps with NZEFI PWM Controllers (2x)

GSS Speedflow teflon AN-8/AN-6 lines & filters

Aeromotive A1000-6 regulator

MSEL 1400cc injectors

Bosch 1000cc aux injector (water/meth)

E85 flex fuel sensor and pressure sensor

Toyota Super Strut Suspension

BC adjustable coilovers

Work Meister CR 11R 17x8” et35 wheels

Nankang NS-2R 235/40ZR17

Lou Brooks’ solid engine mounts, diff mounts, subframe mounts, shifter bushes, etc

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Really nice car man looks tough as nails, I hear the Real Street gear is really good. What sort of numbers are you chasing?

very nice, whatare your plans for the car? street strip or track?


Thanks for replies. This is 100% street car with all factory/facelift interior /exterior, No race car crap that you can see. The goal is to produce a peak power figure couple numbers shy of a figure generally accepted in the 3sgte community as enough cylinder pressure to crack the oem unsleeved block which is in a broad region of 500-700hp at the flywheel depending on various cylinder wall thicknesses, engine revisions & tuning.

With the given peak power goal of 500-700bhp, Let's say that's 600bhp, I wanted to have the best possible response for said peak power on a 2000cc Toyota 16v engine. So far the EFR7163 T4/twin 0.80 I am very impressed with, the boost response at low RPMs is comparable to a Disco Potato I had in a past life

What I learn from this should be applied to my actual race car

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